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CDO Gold Program Information

CDO Soccer Club has always been a place where youth soccer players have developed their skills.

As young players progress in the game of soccer, some of them begin to come to the fore through a combination of the individual skills they have developed, their natural athletic abilities, desire for continuous self improvement and a passion for the game. These players begin to stand out as players who would enjoy and develop further from a more competitive environment.

The purpose of the CDO Gold program is to provide that environment by grouping these promising players into teams that will compete against challenging yet realistic levels of competition. Through a high level of training, players have an opportunity to reach their true potential. Tryouts are held each year or every other year to select the players to join the CDO Gold teams.

Gold Program Vision

CDO Soccer Club is looking to develop confident, skilled soccer players and teams that are competitive at the highest level possible, playing attractive, attacking soccer.

This does not happen overnight. These teams are not defined simply by wins and losses – they are defined as a group of players with the same level of commitment to improvement, striving to become the best soccer players they can be through great effort, instruction from qualified and experienced coaches/trainers, and being accountable for their own soccer development away from the practice environment. 

Gold Program Objectives

Soccer as a sport offers a wide range of life lessons. At CDO Soccer Club we look to use a positive coaching environment to help players see the progress they can make both on and off the field through adopting the right attitude, showing great effort, being responsible and having respect for those around them.

Furthermore, our objectives are to help young players be creative, play positive, attacking soccer and not be afraid to make mistakes. The philosophy is performance driven, not outcome based.

When soccer players are free to take risks on the playing field in search of progress, the long term benefits outweigh the short term gains of ‘winning at all costs’.

Gold Program Summary – What can I expect?

1. Goal setting - players are encouraged to set measurable targets for their own development. This makes players accountable and helps establish a soccer ‘self development’ culture.

2. Coaching standards - coaches/trainers in the Gold program must be licensed to a minimum of the NSCAA Advanced National Diploma, or USSF 'B' license and engaged in ongoing coaching education.

3. Playing Time - players will get fair playing time based upon attendance, effort and attitude in training. There are clubs in which only the perceived 'best' players play on competitive teams - all players deserve the opportunity to experience different game situations, not just the last five minutes in a game that has already been decided.

In following the professional academy model from European clubs, teams can be picked before the game and changes are made at pre determined points so all players have the chance to develop, by having the opportunity to apply what they have learned in practice to games. The score of the game does not always impact which players go in and out!

(Note - scores and standings in English premier league (EPL) academies & Brazilian professional academies are not even kept until the U17 or U18 age groups - the focus is strictly on the development of players!)

4. Extended practice time - all players in the program should be involved in at least five hours of soccer training a week.

EPL academy players, (U12-U16), train a minimum of 5 hours a week

Ajax Amsterdam academy players, (U12-16), train between 10-12 hours a week

Realistically, five hours of practice time a week can be done with around four hours of quality training, (over the course of three sessions), and an hour of either optional specialist or home practice.

5. Free access to specialist training - CDO Soccer Club will continue to offer free goalkeeping and free speed/agility sessions to players, with other activities currently under consideration.

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