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Northmont SAY Soccer

Coaching License Pathway

The Northmont Soccer Association is committed to providing all coaches, from beginner to advanced, with education tailored to their experiences and the needs of their players.

The Grassroots Licenses will help coaches ensure fun, enjoyable, and developmentally appropriate environments for their players. Prospective coaches will have the option to partake in any of these new courses – in any sequence – after completing a cost-free, Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module provided by U.S. Soccer.

Introduction to Grassroots Coaching

After completing the free Introduction to Grassroots Coaching module, candidates can progress to any of the eight Grassroots License course opportunities through the U.S. Soccer Digital Coaching Center (DCC). This varied approach to the foundation of the coaching education pathway allows coaches to seek out education related to the environment in which they coach.

Grassroots courses will be available online for $25 - which will be reimbursed by Northmont Soccer Association upon turning in the Certificate of Completion. This includes access to educational content, session plans and U.S. Soccer's Planning Tool.

Coaches must sign up to create a free account In the U.S. Soccer Learning Center.