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2024 - 2025 Travel Tryout Schedule

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Travel Tryout Overview

If you have questions or comments regarding the Travel program, please contact the Club's Travel Director - [email protected].

The mission of the Simsbury Soccer Club Travel team tryout and selection process is to ensure that all players receive a fair opportunity to join a team of their peers possessing similar game skills.

General Information:
Tryouts are open to all resident U9-15 girls and boys. A resident player is defined as a Town of Simsbury resident or any player attending a school located in Simsbury.

Teams for each age group will be formed to maximize the number of qualified participants in Travel soccer. The number of teams formed for each age group will be determined by the number of qualified participants in tryouts and the number of coaches available.

Teams will be formed based on skill level. The top rated players will form a team that will play in a higher flight than the next team and so on. If there are not enough players or coaches to form a second or third team, all tryout participants not chosen for a roster position will be encouraged to play in other SSC programs and attend tryouts the following year.

The tryout process is held once a year in mid-May or June, and depending on age group consists of one or two individual tryout sessions. The results of these tryouts will determine the teams for the following fall and spring seasons.

Participants are required to make at least one of the tryout sessions and are strongly encouraged to attend both when available.

The Tryout Process:
Advanced online registration is required and can be done by clicking the Register button above.

Each tryout session will be facilitated by paid independent evaluators and volunteer club coaches. Sessions will last 75-90 minutes with at least two Club Travel Committee members present.

There should be no cheering or individual coaching during a tryout.

The head coach for existing teams may monitor the tryouts from a central position on the evaluation field.

During the tryout sessions, all players will be evaluated to determine selection and team placement. In each age/gender group, the Travel Committee will be responsible for setting and implementing guidelines for player evaluation.

It is important to note that attendance and performance at the club's tryout sessions is not the only process used for evaluating and selecting players for the travel club. Players may be evaluated by independent evaluators at games, practices and informal scrimmages throughout the year.

*Specific information regarding a player rating/ranking will not be shared with parents or other members of the community, due to the sensitive nature of the information.

General Tryout Evaluation Criteria:
Dribbling/Ball Control - A player's acquisition of the technique of moving the ball quickly, while under complete control combining pace, deception, and skill. Uses both feet, inside and outside, under control, under pressure. Composed manner, shielding and seldom losing possession.

Passing/Serving - To accurately and concisely pass the ball at the correct pace to a teammate. Proper passing/receiving technique, passes to feet and to space, on the ground and lofted. Uses both feet and all parts of the feet.

Receiving/First Touch - Shows for the ball and receives cleanly. Uses either the right or left foot to trap the ball. Uses their body effectively to trap air balls. Does not wait for the ball, runs to the ball to receive it.

Shooting/Crossing/Striking - The ability to strike on goal with a variety of techniques from differing ranges and angles, with composure, showing the touch to score goals. The ability to drive long passes from goal and corner kicks. Proper shooting technique, on goal, off passes and volleys.

Speed/First to Ball - The ability to accomplish techniques quickly with efficient and fast movements in all areas on the field. Overall speed with the ball. Overall speed without the ball. Speed, quickness, reaction time.

Fitness - Overall endurance, ability to play entire match. Athletic abilities with respect to running, quick change of pace and direction (agility), leaping, and strength on and off the ball. Game fitness and shape.

Defensive Technique - Understands transition to defense. Demonstrates ability to contain attackers and knows when to challenge (tackle). Wins the ball under control (not just clearing). Some level of defensive support (ball, cover, support).

Game Sense - How well the player understands the tactical side of the game. Players understanding of principles of attacking and defending, and rules of the game. Aware of situational play, transition between attack and defend, makes a different in the play.

Positioning/Spatial - A player's ability to read the game as it develops and to position themselves in the most advantageous area from which to support their team effectively. A player's understanding of their position and other positions on the field. Understands positions and format the team is playing. Adjusts dynamically and accordingly.

Commitment to Game - Listens, shows good sportsmanship. Shows a desire to play soccer for the love of the game. Focused and eager to learn. Always makes best effort.

Tryout Day:
Current travel players must NOT wear their uniform jerseys. Existing travel players who show up in any part of their uniform will be asked to leave to change clothing.

Players must bring their own ball, wear shin guards and bring plenty of water . Players must bring their own water.

Team and player notification:
The Travel Committee will determine the roster for the upcoming seasons. Team announcements will be posted on the SSC website on or after the last day of school. There will be no registrations after the season starts without Travel Committee and Board of Directors approval. Having previously played for a team does not guarantee a spot for the next season.

Tryout Follow-up:
Initial Parent Meeting - Within 1-2 weeks after team announcements, each team should hold a meeting for the purposes of giving parents an opportunity to meet each other, to identify parents who will act as team manager, treasurer, etc. and to complete necessary administrative tasks.

Parent Meeting Notification - The Travel Committee or coaches will notify parents about the initial parent meeting. They will provide electronic copies of forms listed below and a description of the required parent volunteer positions, and will ask the parents to bring the following items to the meeting for collection at the meeting.

  1. Roster information, including child and parents' names; home address; home, work, cell numbers; email addresses; date of birth; and school
  2. A completed Emergency Medical Treatment Authorization Form
  3. A completed parent / player consent release and pledge
  4. Ideas for team name for new teams

Information to be covered at Initial Parent Meeting:

  1. For U9 & U10 teams, explanation of basics and philosophy of travel soccer for SSC program
  2. Introduction of Coach and Assistant(s)
  3. Explanation of coaching philosophy and expectations
  4. Assignment of jobs (manager, treasurer, uniforms, equipment, etc.)
  5. Ordering of uniforms (uniforms will be available during check-in at tryouts so you know what sized are needed)
  6. Player numbers may be determined by each team, with collaboration between same ages teams, or assigned by the club
  7. Confirm the established travel club payment dates and policies
  8. Collection of administrative paperwork, including but not limited to consent forms, player agreements, signing player pass cards and other necessary tasks
  9. Deadlines for uniform orders and registration


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