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LAUREL LITTLE LEAGUE Maryland District 4

LAUREL LITTLE LEAGUE Maryland District 4

Evaluation Criteria - Exposed!

Evaluations can be confusing for parents and kids.  We want to assure you that the sole purpose of evaluations is to try to make sure the kids are placed in a division suited to their age AND ability and to provide a means to balance the talent each year across the teams to maximize the competitive level and fun in all divisions!

Evaluation Process/Scoring - Players are scored in 5 general categories: hitting, fielding ground balls, fielding fly balls, throwing and athleticism/potential. Each category will be scored on a scale of 1-9 with 9 being the best possible points allowed and 5 being the "average AAA Minor Leaguer". Players are then ranked based on total scores with a score of 54 being the highest possible.

In hitting, coaches are looking for form, bat speed, contact point, and drive of the ball off the bat.

Fielding ground balls will consist of each player fielding 5 ground balls from the shortstop position and completing the play by throwing to first base. Coaches are looking for form, approach to the ball, agressiveness and accuracy, this gives the coach the opportunity to judge fielding the ball and half of the throwing category.

Fielding pop flies will consist of each player fielding 5 fly balls in the outfield and completing the play by throwing to the designated cutoff man or base.

As in fielding grounders, coaches are looking for the same characteristics; form, angle of approach, agressiveness and accuracy. This will allow the coach to judge the player's ability to read a ball and field it while also allowing coaches to see a player's arm strength from having to throw from further away. 

Pitching will consist of each player throwing 5 pitches for accuracy.  More emphasis should be given to accuracy than to speed.

Athleticism/potential is a coach's personal opinion of whether or not a player might have some tools to become a really good player but might not have developed them in their entirety. This is a hard category to judge because it is something that a coach will have to have a hunch about. Different coaches may look at the same player in two different ways. The score of this category can be eliminated if the coach doesn't feel comfortable with making these predictions.


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