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Baseball / Softball Registration Begin March 8 - April 16

Volleyball Rules

League Age: 7-10, 11-15
Ball:  7-10 Age Division: V140 5oz. Ball (First Touch); 11-15 Age Division: Standard Regulation Ball
Number of players on the court: 6 v 6 (must have 5 at game start time)

League Rules:

  1. Substitutions and Play Requirements:  (7-10): a. All players will be noted on the serving lineup.  Everyone must serve before a player starts the next rotation.  b. Once a server has to rotate, they will be replaced by the next player on the list.  (There will be a substitution made after every rotation with no other substitutions allowed as all players are rotating in.)  11-15: Standard substitution will be in effect.  Coaches should manage playing time so there is equal playing time.  With each new change of service, the player coming off the bench will rotate into the position the coach has set forth for their team.   (In the event of an injury, the players will rotate into that player’s position, and a new player will rotate off the bench.)
  2. Line judge and clock person:  Line judge volunteer must be provided by each team for the game.  Line judge will meet with official to get instructions before the game begins.  Clock person will be a staff member or member of the officiating team.
  3. The coaches will be responsible for getting one parent volunteer per team to assist in line judging for each game.
  4. No Jewelry allowed at practices or games (including earrings).
  5. Knee pads MUST be worn during all practices and games.
  6. Jersey provided from MUST be worn for all games. This is to ensure the ladies are modest in dress on the court.
  7. Ages 7-10:  Maximum Points Off Individual Service 5 points off an individual player’s consecutive serves. Once a player scores 5 points off serve, the serve transfers to the opponent.  Ages 11-15:  Once a player scores 7 points off serve, the serve transfers to the opponent.  Can be over or underhand serves.  Maximum 5 underhand serves, remaining 2 must be overhand.  If a player starts overhand, they must finish the service rotation overhand. 
  8. Serving Area: a.  7-10 age division will have a zone from the standard serve line to 14 foot in front to serve.  If they serve from the standard serve line and step over, they are considered legal as they are still in the serving zone.  If they cross over the front line nearest the net, they are illegal.    b.  11-15 age division will serve from behind the red service line which is standard for volleyball. Balls may be served underhand or overhand.

Game Structure:

  1. Matches are best of three games played to 25, 25, and 15. Must win by 2 points.
  2. Rally scoring – A point is scored on every serve and turnover, no matter which team served.  Exception – If a server in ages 7-10 reaches 5 consecutive points and the serve transfers sides, there is no point given.
  3. Players may serve freely from the service zone (the entire width of the court). A player’s foot may not extend on or over the end line at the moment of contact with the ball, or at the takeoff for a jump serve.
  4. Teams are allowed two 30 second time-outs per set so this translates into six 30 second time-outs per game/match for each team.

Contacting the Ball During Play:

  1. Each team may have three successive contacts to return the ball to the opponent’s area. If the first touch is on a block, the team may have three additional contacts to return the ball.
  2. The ball may contact any part of the body. 
  3. A player must not block or attack a serve.
  4. Players cannot spike a serve whether feet are on or off the ground

Net Play:  The ball must pass from one side of the net to the other over the legal portion of the net. (Legal portion is within the antennas.)

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Waynesville/St.Robert Youth Sports

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Waynesville/St.Robert Youth Sports

Waynesville City Hall, 100 Tremont Center
Waynesville, Missouri 65583

Phone: 573-774-6171
Email: [email protected]
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