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4 Year Old Soccer Mini Passers

Optimist Mini Passers the Perfect Program for our little "Stars"

The Mini Passers Program is a unique opportunity for pre-school aged children.  It is designed to introduce children to the concepts of fun and interaction within a relaxed environment.  Our goal is that each player will get plenty of touches on the ball and learn the fundamentals of beginner soccer while having FUN.

Developing children to be more technically competent in the game of soccer

Parent often do not realize that kids at this age have totally different motivation.This unique approach is different than any other programs. We will begin each session with a story and the activities for that day will revolve around the story of the day. In addition the program offers parents an opportunity to work with their kids at home to become more technically competent before they step over that line into organized play. These structured games and exercises will improve your child’s balance, behavior and cognitive development through socially interaction with fellow teammates. With instructional guidelines from coaches you will learn how use a mini ball at home and encourage your child not to kick the ball, but “manipulate” it to move it using both feet, in different directions with continuous touches in small areas

Our challenge is to motivate each child to get them into this skill-building mode. Developing core fundamental skills for all sports: running, jumping, skipping, hooping throwing, balancing and more. This will provide the foundation for an active life style as they grow and mature.


The Little Kickers Program is designed to first introduce the fun, and thus the motivation, then add challenges. Our goal is to eventually get kids to perform a particular exercise that builds a vital skill while they are having fun. For example teaching kids to dribble a ball from one hoop to the other as fast as they can is a great exercise to learn ball control. 

We first introduce a game with a fun objective and then the ball is incorporated after the kids know the game and understand the fun. As a result, we get highly motivated kids in this fun environment trying to get a ball from one hoop to the next. Our indirect approach to skill-building works much faster and better than the traditional direct approach for older kids and adults.

The Program cost $75, which includes uniform, for 6 week program.  A size #1 ball is required.

A #3 soccer ball will be available for each child at the field and kids can wear tennis shoes.  Kids are not required to wear cleats or shin guards. All you need to do is bring your child and let them have fun.

Teams meet 5:30 pm-6:30 pm each Friday during the season at Shaffner Park located on Yorkshire Rd.  
A Meet & Greet date will be announced by March 1.
Sessions will be every Friday from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Season will begin week of March 9

For any questions regarding this program, please email [email protected].