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WELCOME to our umpire page.  Here, you will learn about opportunities to earn pay or refunds or simply more about the great game of baseball. The program types and rewards, training available, and administrative details of umpiring are described below.  Feel free to contact Umpire In Chief,  Al Beyer (at[email protected]), or Training Director, Steve Gillingham (at [email protected]), with any questions. 
We’d be happy to talk to you.
* New for Spring 2022!!!!  All Umpires must register for the Spring Season as an Umpire Volunteer in Sports Connect. 


Starting the journey to become an umpire starts with 2 simple steps. 

Step 1: For adults (18 years old and over during the season).  Email your name, indicating you are over 18 to Al Beyer at [email protected].  The league Safety Officer will then submit your name to Little League’s background investigation contractor, JD Palantine, which will send you a link to their application form.  Completing the form takes only a few minutes and is required of all Little League volunteers.  Al will respond with a welcome notice including the times and dates for required training and an invitation to the online training site.

- For youth umpires, complete the Youth Umpire Agreement, have it signed by your parent or guardian, and email to Al Beyer at [email protected].  Al will respond with a welcome notice including the times and dates for required training and an invitation to the online training site.

Step 2: Complete the training outlined in the training section below. 


We offer 4 different umpiring options, each with its unique incentives described in detail in the next box.

  • Full refund (Team Umpire) option (Adults only)
  • Partial refund (Pat-time team umpire) option (Adults only)
  • From the stands (pure volunteer, when the spirit moves you) option
  • Youth umpire paid option (school credit also available).

We offer special mentoring and training for each option and all offer camaraderie, engagement with the league, and a deeper knowledge of the game. 

One of our most popular option is the PARENT/CHILD OPTION, where parents and youth umpires share a unique bond, learning and working together — and earning the youth umpire a $10 bonus for each game if youth works the bases; add $15 if the youth works the plate. 


Game assigning is done through Arbiter (a link to Arbiter is below - just click on the umpire). After you’ve completed training, we'll send you a link inviting you to open an Arbiter account. There, you’ll be able to see available game assignments you can choose.  The following guide explains the signup process. If you have technical questions please contact Matt Waggoner at [email protected]




Adult Umpires: Ask your manager to validate games at the end of season. Parents meeting the stated requirements will have their registration and volunteer fee returned as appropriate. 
Youth Umpires: SEND IN YOUR INVOICE!** 

Download the WSLL Youth Umpire Invoice: Record games you umpire as the season goes along.  After the season scan and send the invoice to Al Beyer at [email protected] before June 30 to receive payment in July (Spring); and by October 31 to receive payment in November (Fall).  Make sure to put your USPS mailing address at the bottom of the form.  This is where your check will be mailed.

Youth Pay:

AA Home/Bases – 25/15
AAA Home/Bases – 25/20
MAJ Home/Bases – 30/20
Bonus – 80 for 10 games (one Time)
Training bonus – 30
Working with parent bonus – 10 (field)/15(plate) per game


Full Refund Option: Refunds both Registration and Volunteer Fee
Team Ump for your child’s team:  7 Games behind plate and find parent to umpire or ump yourself 7 games in the field 

Training: Online Rule Training and Field Training or Scrimmage 
Partial Refund Option: Refunds Volunteer Fee Only
Requires 5 games of service
Training: Online Rule Training and Field Training or Scrimmage 
From the Stands: 
Refunds: N/A
Requires: N/A
Training: None, but recommend same as Partial Refund Option 
Youth: (NB: depending on amount earned, youths could qualify for and are responsible for any self-employment taxes or contributions)
Umpires are paid for every game umpired and bonuses for number of games, completing training, and umpiring with parent.  See pay rates in the Umpire Reimbursement Box below.
Training: Online Rules Training, Mechanics Field Training, and Scrimmage 


WSLL offers a multi-level training program to help the knowledge, skill, and confidence umpiring requires. Once you enroll, we will notify you of times and places for required training and and send an invitation to the online training site.

On-Line Umpire Rules Training: Approximately 40-screen online class, expected to take one hour or less.  

Umpire 101: 2-hour rules class. Prerequisite is On-Line Umpire Training and is usually offered twice in the first full week of March, starting at 7 in a local school.  

Umpire 102: 2-hour game situations/mechanics class. Prerequisite is Umpire 101 and is usually offered twice in the second full week of March, starting at 7 in a local school. 


Umpire 103: on-field mechanics.  Prerequisite is Umpire 102 and is usually offered on the third or fourth Saturday of March in the morning on a local field.


Umpire 104: a few innings of a live scrimmage, held on various dates in late March or early April before the season begins.  Dates and signups are announced after scrimmage dates are set and during and Umpire 102. 


We know that one kind of strike is a foul ball, and there are generally 3 kinds:  

·     a ball that settles on the infield (where it stops determines whether it is foul);  

·     a bounding ball that goes into the outfield (where it passes 1st and 3rd base determines what it is - if any part of the ball crosses over any part of the base, it's fair, even if it next touches foul territory); 

·     a fly ball (where it first lands in relation to the foul line determines what it is - if it hits any part of the line or falls inside it, the ball is fair).

However there is another type of foul ball that sometimes occurs, and it is not specifically mentioned in the rule book. If a foul ball goes directly to and hits the batter (it’s usually the batter’s foot or leg) while the batter is in the box, the batter is not out.  This is true even if the foot or leg is hit outside of the box. By custom, because the batter can do nothing to control that, it’s just a foul. Mechanic: Throw hands up to signal time, yelling, “Time, hit the batter in the box.”


WSLL Families, without volunteer support it is not possible to provide the full baseball experience to our children. There are several opportunities to assist the league to provide the best experience possible. Please select the link below to see a list of ways to volunteer. 

Ways to Volunteer


WSLL’s own Brennan Miller called up for first MLB game Friday in Baltimore vs. Twins. 
Umped first game at Byron. WSLL’s second youth ump to ump an MLB game. 


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