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Sky River Soccer Club

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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is the Sky River Soccer Club?
Sky River Soccer Club is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop the sport of soccer in the greater Monroe, Sultan, Gold Bar areas, and to encourage young players to have the skills and passion to play the game throughout their lives. Players will gain self-esteem, learn the value of teamwork and fair play, and acquire respect for the laws of the game, the coaches, their teammates, and the referees. To achieve these goals the club will do the following:

-Operate the club according to the rules and policies of SRSC, NCYSA, WYS, USYSA, USSF and FIFA;

-Provide a safe and fun environment for any child that wishes to play the game;

-Offer coach, player, and referee training clinics;

-Promote participation in competitive select teams.

2. What does the "U" in U6, U8, U10, etc. stand for?
"Under the Age of." The age group for a soccer team is determined by the age of it's oldest players as of December 31st of the current year. A team whose oldest player turned 8 by December 31st would be U9. See age chart on home page. Find the month and year of your child birth, this will show you the proper age group placement.

3. Why do we play with small team sizes? / What is Small Sided Soccer?
National and state soccer associations are instituting small-sided play to further the development of young soccer players. Teams at the youngest ages (U5-U8) play 4 vs 4; as they get older, more players are added to the field. Goalkeepers are not introduced until the U9 level. With small numbers, every player gets more chances to handle the ball during real game situations; and coaches can emphasize the development of individual skills rather than worry about position play. Small-sided soccer effectively builds the fundamental skills that all players need to become successful.

4. Who has priority for placement on a team?
For recreational teams, returning players who register before the early registration deadline have the highest priority for placement on their existing team. Returning players after that it is first come first serve until deadline June 30. New players will be placed on teams which have openings. New teams will be formed if there are enough players and volunteer coaches. Players who register late will be placed on a team only if space is available.

For competitive teams (Select, Premier, etc.) players must tryout. Club evaluators and coach decide which players to select for the team.

5. Can my child (or I) choose his or her team or teamates? We will consider requests but CANNOT GUARANTEE PLACEMENT. Coach's age appropriate child will automatically be placed on coachs' team. Siblings can request to play together as long as they are only playing up one year and space is available (this will be determined at the close of registration June 30). We will place players with previous year team/coach if possible dependiing on availalbility.

For competitive teams, see question #4.

6. Can my child play up / play down? We will place age appropriate players first; requests to play up are considered on a case by case basis and dependent on space available on a team. Playing up more than one year must have board approval.

Players are not allowed to play down unless there is a medical condition verified by a physician and approval by North County Youth Soccer Association.

All requests must be in writing on the registration application. DO NOT GUARANTEE PLACEMENT.

7. Why do we have such young referees for modified (U8-U10) games?
Training. We need a continued influx of new referees for the older teams to keep up with the growing number of players. Our newly certified referees will usually start at U8 age groups to get "job experience " and continue their learning process in the less complicated game situations. With confidence and experience, they will go on to referee for a higher age group. Referee's can only ref games after they are certified. All referees must attend classes and pass these classes before refereeing a game. This certification must be renewed each year.

8. What should I do if a referee makes an obvious error that is unfavorable to my child's team?
Live with it. If the referee seems to make repeated mistakes, please notify the VP of Referees or Referee Assignor. Whatever you do, please do not give instructions to the referee or try to intimidate him or her. In cases when lack of calls causes injuries or potential injuries, ONLY your coach may discuss (CALMLY) the situation with the referee BUT only during the breaks in the game. He or she shall send a report to the VP of Referees or Referee Assignor to ensure the situation is corrected.

If a parent or coach gets belligerent or badgers the referee, the coach can potentially be red carded by the referee and removed from the game fields. This behavior can cause your child's game to be forfeited, the game cannot go on without a substitute coach.

9. How can I help?
A. We are an all-volunteer organization. Behind every great organization are willing and dedicated volunteers that contribute to its success. Your time and talents are wanted! Your boys and girls need you! A few hours, a few days, a few events...anything you can spare counts and make a difference. Demonstrate the power of volunteerism to your players by your ecample, and watch amazing things unfold not only in your life, but in the lives of everyone involved.

- Be a coach? Prior knowledge or experience is not necessary, just a desire to be actively involved with your children and a willingness to learn. If we don't have enough coaches for every team, we have to turn away players. This is something that we absolutely do NOT want to do. We want every child to have the opportunity to play.

- Other areas volunteer help is needed: summer tournament, concessions, field maintenance, field clean-up, lining and putting flags on game fields, help with fundraising. Be a field marshal, referee, team parent, board or committee member.

10. What do I need to purchase for my child?

Fall: Soccer cleats, black shorts, black socks, shin guards. Club jersey will be provided with registration.

Spring: Soccer cleats, shin guards, shorts and socks. Club jersey will be provided for U5 - U7. U8 and above shall use jersey from Fall or purchase new.

11. What are the differences between Spring and Fall Soccer?

Spring Soccer: The learning of skills and fun is the emphasis in Spring. Age brackets are U5 through U15. It is a six (6) game season. U5, U6, U7 teams will play each other and stay local. U8 and above will play other teams within the county. Player numbers are lower in spring, teams may be COED.

Fall Soccer: Guidelines are more strict for Fall soccer. Age Groups are not combined nor are they Coed for U8 and up. Age groups U8 and up will travel to neighboring clubs. North County Youth Soccer is in charge of scheduling, and games for U8, U9 and U10 can be either Saturday or Sunday. The schedules for U11 - U12 and will be played on both Saturday and Sundays. U8 and older teams will play a (ten) 10 game season. During Fall we also have a U5, U6 and U7 age brackets and will play an eight (8) game season. U5 is coed. U6 and U7 we try to be gender specific, but that depends on the number of players registered.

12. How much does it cost to play?

Fees for Spring and Fall are determined yearly based on club costs. Spring will be less since it is a shorter season.

FaIl: If registered during the early registration period May 1 - 31 there is a $10 discount. Regular rates will be charged for registrations received from June 1 - June 30. The club does offer a family discount starting with the 3rd child. Fees for U5, U6, U7 will be less than players U8 and above. Should the club hold a fundraiser families are encouraged to support program.

Fees cover local and state membeship fees, secondary insurance, uniforms, equipment, field rental and maintenance, referees, coach and player training as well as administrative costs to run the program.

Refunds: Fall players who register and withdraw will be given a refund less a $20 Administrative Fee. If player withdraws within one week of first game an additional $25 fee will be withheld from registration fee.

Any player withdrawing after first game will not receive a refund. Exception to this policy (less the administrative fee) is if a player in injured and unable to participate in the season.

Additional exceptions (less adminstrative fee) may be made with Board approval.

Spring players who register and withdraw will be given a refund less a $15 Administrative Fee.

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Sky River Soccer Club

P.O. Box 593 Monroe WA 98272 

Phone: 360-794-1609
Email: [email protected]

Sky River Soccer Club

P.O. Box 593 Monroe WA 98272 

Phone: 360-794-1609
Email: [email protected]
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