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Expectations & Roles


Players are expected to follow the rules of the game. Cheer on your teammates. Respect your opponents. Listen to the Referee. Try your best. Have a good time, Always treat others the way that you want to be treated.


Provide transportation to and from all practices and games, ensuring that the player is prompt not only in arriving but also in departure. Please don't expect the coach to hang around until you can come and pick your child up. This is not a child care service. The coaches are volunteering their time to teach the children the game of soccer. Please don't take advantage of their kindness and generosity!
Stay and watch practices as well as games and lend the young players your support in a positive manner. Don't point out mistakes - leave that up to the coach - but praise their accomplishments as well as their efforts. Be an involved parent. Join in on the fun.
If you are unable to attend the practice or game, encourage your child to pay attention to the coach and the game and not to fool around. It is not fair to the coach or the other players if your child gets out of control. Emphasize that your child should not talk to or leave practices or games with strangers. If you cannot pick up your child from a game or practice then please arrange for someone you and your child know to provide transportation.
Ensure that your child brings the necessary equipment to and from all soccer games and practices.
Be available to kick the ball aournd with your child when you are invited to do so.
Avoid material rewards. Build an attitude of "the rewards lie in the fun of being albe to play."
Be a good listener. Make them feel important and let them know that they are contributing to a team effort.
Be positive. Never criticize. Suggest and alternate way if they are not performing correctly.
Be an example at games. Don't yell at referees, players, other parents, or coaches. Remember your child imitates you. Act the way you want him or her to act.


Spectators are not allowed behind either of the goals, at any time during the game.
Spectators are to remain on the opposite side of the field from the coaches and players.

Each player should be taught all the basic skills needed to play the game of soccer. The league's program emphasizes practice sessions where basic skills are taught; dribbing, passing, shooting, heading, receiving, tackling, throw-ins, and goal tending.
It is important to have the players become familiar with all field positions.
Coaches and their assistants come with a wide range of experiences and many responsibilities. Such responsibilities include:
Becoming proficient in soccer rules, skills, and tactics
Designing and supervising practice sessions
Attending coaches clinics and general meetings (mandatory)
Contacting players regarding practices and games
POSITIVE COACHING!! We encourage our coaches to make the extra effort to understand and offer positive help to our players, rather than negative criticism.
Good sportsmanship demonstrated by the coach will become an example to our players.
If you as coach want the players to respect you then you have to respect them. Don't yell or belitle the players. Remember, they are children.

In general, in competition someone always loses. If you win do it gracefully, not boastfully. If you lose do not allow your child to become negative. Make fun, technique and development your first priority.

Your child's coach will need all the help and support you can offer. Volunteer all the time you can spare (help the coach with a phone tree, bring oranges to a game, etc.)

Disagreements with the coach or officials do not belong on the public soccer field. Questions, input, and positive suggestions should be voiced to the coach and/or club in an adult manner. (The youth player should NOT be present). The overall purpose is to enjoy the game and the opportunity to be with your child on the field of play.


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