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High Flyers

A curriculum for boys and girls ages 9-14 at the advanced beginner and intermediate levels

At a minimum campers will have the following skills introduced or reinforced: forehand, backhand, volleys, overhead, serve and return of serve. In addition, your child will play sets and tiebreakers along with plenty of fun games.  

Our goal is for your child to feel confident on the court after just one week of camp!

Sample High Flyer Schedule

8:30-9:00am – Drop off in Carpool Circle/Supervised Free Play on Outdoor Courts
9:00am – Warm Up
Sunscreen Application
9:20am – Welcome Circle and Technique with Coach Bora
9:45am – Courts/Stations Rotation 1-3
Water Break between each Rotation
10:40am - Snack
Sunscreen Application
11:00am – Courts/Stations Rotation 4-9
Water Break between each Rotation
12:45pm – Morning Closing Circle
12:55pm – Morning Campers Transition to Carpool/ Full-day Campers Transition to Cox Hall
1:00pm – Morning Camp Ends/ Full-Day Campers Eat Lunch in Cox Hall
1:45pm – Health and Positive Values Talk
Sunscreen Application
1:55pm - Olympics Rounds on Outdoor Courts and Racketball Courts 
Water Break between Rounds
3:00pm – Transition to Locker Room and Change
3:05pm – Free Swim OR Supervised Free Play on Indoor Courts
3:45pm – Transition to Locker Room and Change
3:55pm – Transition to Carpool or Transition to Indoor Courts for Extended Care Campers
4:00pm – Full-Day Camp Ends/Extended Care Begins
5:25pm - Transition to Carpool
5:30pm – Extended Care Ends 

*1:00-3:30pm on Wednesday (Session II, III, & IV) - Field Trip to the SAAC outdoor pool via shuttle 

Times and activities listed may be adjusted depending on the group skill level, weather, or other circumstances.

*High Flyers should either pack a lunch or bring money to eat at Cox Hall. Please see What to Bring for more information on food options.