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What to Bring

Half-day campers: racket, hat, water bottle and snack or snack money*.

Full-day campers:
Swoop's (age 5-8):  racket, hat, water bottle, snack or snack money*, lunch, and a swim suit and towel.

High Flyer's (age 9-14): racket hat, water bottle, snack or snack money*, lunch or lunch money* and a swim suit and towel.

Swoop's Starters stay at the WoodPec to eat lunch so please pack a lunch!  High Flyers eat at Cox Hall and can purchase food there.  More info below

Extended-day campers:
all of the above plus an additional snack or snack money.

*We recommend packing
lunches and snacks in an igloo or thermal bag. 

Also, High Flyers will play on the outdoor courts most of the day, so please have them apply a good base of sunscreen before arriving each morning!  We will have plenty of sunscreen for re-application throughout the day!  Swoop's Starters will play on the indoor courts, so no sunscreen is necessary. When/If we take them outside, we will apply sunscreen on them.

Snack and Lunch Options

Our counselors run a concession stand with a range of healthy options which may include:

Mojo Bars
Cliff kid Bars
Pirate Booty
Terra Chips
Kind Bars
Kellogg's Fruity Snacks
Apple sauce
Annie's Cheddar Bunny Snacks
Annie's honey bunny Graham's
Cliff Kidz fruit rope
Apple juice
Other boxed fruit juices

High Flyers eat lunch at Cafe Bon Appetit's Cox Hall in the center of Emory's campus. Cox Hall offers many options like: Twisted Taco, Salad Bar, Sandwich Bar, Pasta Bar, Freshens Yogurt etc. $10 should cover the cost of lunch.  High Flyers can also pack a lunch to eat at Cox Hall.

Swoop's Starters are encouraged to pack a lunch because they stay at the WoodPec to eat...but Cox Hall is also available as an option on an individual basis.