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Girls Program College Commitments

At Tampa Bay United Rowdies, we are committed to the development of all players - on and off the field. Our dedicated team of coaches work with players to build a solid foundation of athletic skills, leadership, and academics, to help them get recognized by the top college recruiters across the country.  We are proud to report the following list of girls competitive program players who recently committed to a college (listed by graduating year):

Naila Schoefberger Rutgers University 04 ECNL
 Carsyn MartzRice University   04 ECNL
Chloe Battaglia Columbia International Univ. 04 ECNLRL 
 Kallie McKinneyRice University  02/03 ECNL  
Ashley Paul  University of South Florida  04 ECNL 
Camryn Bliss  Univ. of Mississippi 04 ECNL  
Christina TsaousisUniversity of South Carolina 04 ECNL  
 Erica Roberts Florida Atlantic University 02/03 ECNL 

Claire Rain University of Tennessee 02/03 ECNL
Chloey Conte LSU 02 ECNL
Sydni Dennis  University of Tampa   01/02 ECNLComposite
 Lexi Evangelista   Fordham University  01/02 ECNL
Kiki Slattery   Univ. of North Florida   03 ECNL 
Sarah Barrentine  Univ. of North Florida    02/03 ECNL 
Talia Nowlan  Middle Tenn. State Univ.  03 ECNL  
Brooke Tyquiengco West Point  03 ECNL 
Sara DiConsiglio  Saint Leo University  02/03 ECNL 
Ava Rice  Old Dominion University  02/03 ECNL 
 Victoria Muzzin Webber International Univ. 02/03 Premier  
Sierra Hudson  Eckerd College 02/03 ECNL
Kaylee Couey Southeastern University  02/03 ECNL Composite
 Elyse Iller Kent State02/03 ECNL Composite 
Sofia Jamieson Bentley University 02/03 ECNL Composite  
 Kendall LiermannTowson University 02/03 ECNL Composite   
Lauren Webster Meredith College 02/03 ECNLRL 
Avery Jericho Davidson College  02/03 ECNL 
 Amanda Johnston Erskine College02/03 ECNLRL  
 Quinn Ryan  University of South Florida 02/03 ECNL
Heather Squitieri Florida Atlantic University 02/03 ECNL 
Briana Suarez LaGrange College 02/03 Premier   
 Alexa Kraus Webber International Univ.02/03 Premier  
Zoe Moore Howard University 02/03 ECNL  
 Ramsey WatkinsSoutheastern University 02/03 ECNL  
Jordan Golden  Spartanburg Methodist Col.  02/03 ECNL Composite
 Kendall DrummondEckerd College 02/03 ECNL Composite 
 Ava MinnisSt. Thomas University  02/03 ECNLRL  
 Kirsten LaVallee Union University 02/03 ECNLRL   

Katherine Jordan Columbia University  02 ECNL
Alexa Goldberg University of Florida 01/02 ECNL
Natalie Gorji Rice University 01/02 ECNL
Ashley Babiarz Florida Tech 02 ECNL
Alivia Carapazza Lipscomb University 01/02 ECNL
Hayden Fredericks University of South Florida 02 ECNL
Mia Tarrant Univ. of Massachusetts 01/02 ECNL
Emma Agin Univ. of Central Florida 01/02 ECNL
Julia Violante Univ. of Florida 02 ECNL
Deanna Hasan Eckerd College 02 ECNL
Emma Cornejo Emory University 01/02 ECNL
Lauren "Lolo" Prentice  George Washington Univ.  01/02 ECNL 
Josie Curtis Florida Gulf Coast Univ. 02 ECNL
Sophia Vesely  Swarthmore College   00/01 ECNL Composite 
Gabriela Moore  Saint Leo University   02 Premier
Ashley Shimberg   Middle Tenn. State Univ.  00/01 ECNL Composite 
 Julia Murdoch  Mississippi College   00/01 ECNL Composite 
Makenna Turley  Arkansas State Univ.  01/02 ECNL 
Emilee Hauser  Univ. of Arkansas  01/02 ECNL  
Madison Brunson  Methodist University  01/02 ECNL  
Emily Casale  Rowan University   00/01 ECNL Composite  
Jaelyn Evans  Mississippi College  01/02 ECNL Composite  
Holly Beaver  Appalachian State Univ.  01/02 ECNL 
 Emma Architetto  Rollins College  02 Premier
 Natalie Kinnear SCAD  02 Premier 
 Brooke Volpi  Elon University  02 Premier 
 Mackayla Peadycourt Southeastern University  01/02 ECNL  
Jordon Luetkemeyer  U. of South Carolina Aiken  01/02 ECNL Composite 
 Mason Schilling Bemidji State   01/02 ECNL  
Killian Kingsley   Eckerd College  02 Premier 
Lana Truong Rollins College 02 Premier 
Caroline Lamoureux Wesleyan University 02 Premier  
 Mackenzie Morano Long Island University01/02 ECNL Composite 
Merica Abnathy Mississippi Valley State 02 Premier 
Nicole Fels Louisiana Tech 01/02 ECNL Composite  

 Lilly Lakich Florida Gulf Coast Univ  99/00 ECNL
 Alivia Gonzalez University of Florida  99/00 ECNL 
 Sophie Shrader Univ. of South Florida 99/00 ECNL 
 Mary Raymond Samford University  99/00 ECNL 
 Aja Graham Troy University  99/00 ECNL
 Jalyssa Richardson University of Tampa  99/00 ECNL
 Ashley Grisley Florida Atlantic University  00 ECNL
Asha Zuniga  Univ. of Alabama -Birm.  01 ECNL
 Erin Cembrale Huntingdon College  01 Elite
Landry Singleton   Univ. of South Florida   01 ECNL
 Angeline Friel  Northeastern University  01 ECNL 
 Ansley Melendi  University of Massachusetts  00 ECNL 
 Shannon Cox Emmanuel College    01 Elite 
 Emily Abdoney  Belmont University  00 ECNL
 Molly Setsma Florida Atlantic University  01 ECNL 
 Svea Kaller Palm Beach Atlantic Univ.  01 Elite 
 Madisyn Opstal  Wake Forest  01 ECNL 
 Lexi Fotopoulos University of Florida   00 ECNL 
 Natalie Oliver American University  01 ECNL  
Grecia Prieto  Bryn Mawr College  01 Elite 
Tori Clark Eckerd College 01 ECNL
Bella Stein Univ. of North Florida 00/01 ECNL
Savannah Heggens Webber University 01 Elite
Madison McElhone Florida Atlantic University 00/01 ECNL Composite
Cameron Laine  Webber University  01 Elite 
Taylor Links  Univ. of the Cumberlands  01 Premier 
 Hajar Benjoud  Eckerd College  00/01 ECNL Composite
Julia Cesta  Erskine College   00 Premier 
 Lindsey Benedetto  Oglethorpe University 00/01 ECNL Composite 
 Courtney MagnanDaytona State College 00/01 ECNL Composite 

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