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College Coach Showcase - 1/26/13

1/26/13 - College Coach Day

This was a unique opportunity for our players and a first in any club offerings.  The visiting college coaches were able to focus on our players without having to shuffle back and forth to different fields and catch hundreds of kids playing.  

Dr Dina Gentile, our own club's technical advisor and clinician, met with parents to discuss the rules and requirements for becoming a Student-Athlete at college.  Below are a few resources she recommends.

Club members are encouraged to email her with questions at  [email protected]

Resources for College Bound Players

The NCAA defines recruiting as “any solicitation of prospective student-athletes or their parents by an institutional staff member or by a representative of the institution’s athletics interests for the purpose of securing a prospective student-athlete’s enrollment and ultimate participation in the institution’s intercollegiate athletics program.” 
Important links to NCAA materials:

Guide For College Bound Student Athlete 2012-2013

 Division I and II Eligibility Checklist
Update DI and DII Eligibility Rules (core courses, SAT/ACT scores)
Financial Aid: NCAA
Federal Student Aid (important resource)

In House College Showcase - 2013

"In House" College Showcase Day

January 26, 2013 at Breakaway Sports World-Dracut

Our top participant will be Manfred Schellscheidt: Former Seton Hall men’s coach, BU14 National Team coach, Region 1 ODP Head Coach, USA Olympic Coach and USA Men’s National Team Coach. Manfred will probably lead  some sessions as well as other coaches if it does not conflict with NCAA rules and regulations.
We have confirmed participation from Seton Hall-men’s & women’s; American University-men’s & women’s (if a new coach is in place by then); Princeton University-men’s & women’s; UMass/Lowell-men’s & women’s; Lesley College-men’s & women’s; Emerson College-men’s & women’s; Ana Maria College-men’s & women’s; Dean’s College-men’s & women’s; Philips Academy coaches and many more are in the process of confirming.
Dr. Dina Gentile, our own Technical Advisor and Clinician, will have a 15-20 minute Q&A session prior to each 
team’s start.  Please arrive early and prepared to ask questions.  To help you prepare, please read the article Dina has written on the subject, and included in our January newsletter.
This is unique opportunity for our players and a first in any club offerings.  All the coaches will be focusing and watching our players without having to shuffle back and forth to different fields and catch hundreds of kids playing.  
Our players might not make a good fit for their program or our players might not have any interest in the colleges at hand.  However their input could prove to be valuable to other college coaches in their extensive network circles.   For example, coach Schellscheidt is well known and respected in the soccer communities and his opinion carries a lot of weight.  If he says, “this young man/woman will make a great fit into your program”, it’s like a done deal for any college coach.  
Your coaches and team admins will be putting together a player’s profile packet to be handed out to the college coaches.  Please assist in their efforts.
Parents and players of the younger teams are invited to drop in at anytime.

College Forum - 3/15/12

March 24 2012 - College Forum

The College Forum was well attended and very informative.  It was great to see so many parents and players. 
I wanted to thank the panelists and everyone who participated.  I have included below a few emails that I received in support. 
I’m also sharing: from Carolyn, the notes she took;  and from Fraser, his research efforts in putting together all of MA and NH colleges.
Best Regards,

Download Carolyn's notes Here
Download Fraser's College lists and Links Here

I wanted to thank you for holding the college forum last evening. We found it tremendously helpful as we begin to navigate the college recruiting process. Please thank your wife for all the insights she offered our players last night as well. At the risk of sounding mushy, I also wanted to make sure you knew how much Ben, and we as a family, are proud of the Benfica Club. Kevin and I work to instill specific values in our boys and it's wonderful to have a club team that puts those same values into practice, both on and off the field.   
Benfica is an extension of our family, and I'm sure it is for many other families as well. We are grateful to you and the other leaders of the Club who work tirelessly to make it that way. 
Best Regards,Carolyn

I thought that the college night was EXCELLENT – “__________” and I have been to a couple before but they were so fake compared to this one. I thought the seminar last night was fantastic!  They really did an excellent job. “ ________” went in there kicking and screaming, but we had a great talk about his future on the ride home.  He was really positive, which is a side of him I don't see much of lately:)  
Thanks again.
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