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This division is Coach Pitch, intended for players ages 7-8. Previous baseball experience is not required, however players are asked to try out in an effort to evenly balance the teams. All players will be assigned a team.

You Will Need:
  • Batting helmet
  • Baseball bat (must have USA stamp on it)
  • Glove
  • White baseball pants
  • Baseball socks (color is dependent on team assignment)
  • Baseball belt (color is dependent on team assignment)
  • Athletic cup is recommended but not required. 

  • Batters receive 6 pitches. They can stay alive on the 6th pitch by fouling a pitch off. 
  • There are no balls and a batter can strikeout by swinging and missing 3 times.
  • If a batter is hit by pitch, it will be a “no pitch” and the batter will continue the at bat.
  • If a batted fair ball hits the coach pitcher, the ball will be declared dead. The pitch will be a foul strike and no runners will advance.
  • If a live ball hits the coach pitcher, or in the umpire’s judgment the coach interferes in the fielder’s attempt to make a play, the ball will be declared dead and the lead runner is out.
  • Runners may advance only one base on an overthrow. Runners advance at their own risk.
  • The play is over whenever a fielder (can be an infielder or outfielder) has control of the baseball on the infield dirt, the runner(s) cannot attempt to advance past the base they are currently running to.
  • The time limit is set 1 hour 40 minutes from actual start time of game. Teams may not start another inning after that time.
  • All players must use a USA bat. USSSA and T-ball bats are not allowed.
  • There are no walks, and bunting is not allowed.
  • Continuous batting order rule will apply to all games. All players on the roster, present for the game, will bat in order regardless of whether playing the field or not.
  • If a player has to leave a game early due to any reason (family emergency, another sporting event, injury, any other reasonable reason), they should be skipped in the batting order and no out shall be assessed.
  • Defensive teams will consist of ten (10) players.
  • The player fielding the pitcher’s position shall take position always to the rear of the pitching rubber, and on the left or right side of the coach pitcher with one foot on the dirt portion of the mound.
  • The Pitcher will at all times, while on the field, wear the protective heart guard that will be supplied by the league.
  • All players in the league shall play a minimum of three (3) innings in the field in a six inning game. No player will sit out 2 consecutive innings.
  • Coaching in the field of play or in outfield foul territory is not allowed. Coaches shall coach from their dugout or just outside of their dugout entrance.
  • No team will score more than five (5) runs in an inning. If there are less than three outs when five runs are scored, the teams will change sides. This rule does not apply to the sixth inning, or extra innings.
  • Rookie division does not have a 10 run rule or “mercy” rule. All games will be played to 6 innings or the maximum time limit.
  • Teams with less than eight (8) players available at the starting time of a game will forfeit. There is no grace period. Managers are encouraged to have players arrive thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled game time.
  • Extra innings may be played in case of a tie. Maximum of two innings, time permitting.
  • A regular season game will be declared a tie if the score is tied and 1) the time limit is exceeded, or 2) the eighth inning has concluded. 

Division Director
Nick Caughorn
[email protected]

Refund Policy:  Registrations that are cancelled before uniforms are ordered will be fully refunded, minus the service fees. Registrations that are cancelled after uniforms are ordered will receive a partial refund, minus the uniform expense and service fees.  After the first game, registrations may not be cancelled and refunds will not be given.


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