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Parents & Coaches Code of Conduct

Zero Tolerance Policy


Lynnhaven Baseball (aka LBB) has enjoyed a rich history as one of the premier recreational and travel baseball organizations in the city. With excellent facilities, community participation, committed sponsorships, and stellar game play, LBB has striven to educate and develop young players to be the best versions of themselves both on and off the field. Since it’s establishment, LBB has developed great teams and great players, through the active participation of 100% volunteer-based support, who have had the legacy of LBB, and the experiences of the boys and girls who play here, foremost in their minds.


Enrolling your children in LBB, or serving in a volunteer role should result in a positive experience that leads to player development and enhanced love for the game of baseball. It is important to remember that behavior is observed by the wider community and umpire associations, and negative behavior creates a terrible atmosphere for coaches, umpires, other players and their families. Thus, behavior will need to be regulated with some high level expectations so that we encourage a positive environment for all involved.

Code of Conduct Pledge:

As a coach or parent of a player in the upcoming season of Lynnhaven Baseball, I understand that my actions and behavior directly reflect on the environment in which my child is expected to play and learn. Therefore, I agree to abide by the following:

1. I will not chirp at, argue with, or demean umpires during or after a game. I understand that at least one “bad” call will likely be made in the course of a game or season, and that some of those calls will possibly influence the outcome of the game. Umpires are human, and we all make mistakes.

2. I understand that in-game challenges can only be issued by a team’s head coach, and my questions or concerns should be directed to said coach.

3. I will not abuse or demean other players or coaches in any team setting

4. I will not arrive at team functions visibly impaired by the affects of alcohol, drugs, or narcotics

5. I understand that if I have an objection to the way a team is being run by a coach, I will address it in a dignified, and preferably private setting with either the coach, field director, or Lynnhaven Board of Directors

I agree that if I fail to abide by the rules and guidelines, I will be subject to disciplinary action levied by the LBB Board of Directors or Code of Conduct Committee which will include, by order of precedence and severity of the offense:

1.  A Verbal Warning

2.  A Written Warning

3.  Suspension for Games

4.  Season Suspension

5.  Removal from all league activities

I understand that the Lynnhaven Baseball Board of Directors retains the sole authority to determine what, if any, disciplinary action is appropriate for any conduct infraction.


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