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Reimbursement Guidelines

2024 Briarwood El Camino Little League Volunteer Fee Reimbursement Guidelines

Briarwood El Camino Little League is a 100% volunteer run organization. Without community and family support, Briarwood baseball wouldn’t happen. During registration, you paid a $100 volunteer fee, and we want you to get it back! If you share your time with Briarwood during the season, we will reimburse you the $100. To receive a volunteer fee reimbursement, you MUST do all three of the following:

1.      SIGN UP for at least three (3) volunteer shifts by clicking here. This link is also on the Briarwood website, and you should receive it by email. If none of these work, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator [email protected]. Each shift is 2-3 hours long. Opportunities include:

·Try outs· Opening Day· Snack Shack
· Field clean up· Movie Night· Closing Ceremonies
· Picture Day· Clinics· Registration Day(s)

2.      CHECK IN for your selected volunteer shift(s) at the Snack Shack so we know you came. We also encourage you to check out, so we can account for all your volunteer hours.

3.      SUBMIT the Volunteer Fee Reimbursement Form at the end of the season so we can pay you back!

OR be a Coach, Team Parent, or Umpire for the full season to get the volunteer fee reimbursement. Each team may only have two (2) coaches—a manager and assistant coach and one (1) Team Parent. Reimbursement also requires the submittal of the Volunteer Fee Reimbursement Form which you can find above.


1.      Do I need to volunteer for three shifts for each of my children? Nope, just three times for each family.

2.     Does helping coaches during the season count for the reimbursement? Thanks so much for helping our coaches! To get the volunteer fee reimbursement, supporting the team and/or coaches does not count as one of the three volunteer opportunities (unless you are a registered coach or Team Parent).

3.      Is there a difference between volunteering for a team in the Snack Shack and volunteering to get the volunteer fee reimbursement? No, every player's parent/guardian on a team has a requirement to satisfy a certain number of Snack Shack shifts. Every player's parent/guardian on each team sign up for these shifts here or by using a link received from the Team Parent. You can sign up for volunteer reimbursement fee opportunities using the links above.

4.      If I miss the deadline to request my reimbursement, can I still get it? We love Briarwood, but we must close the books on the season! Please submit forms by the deadline. No late reimbursement forms accepted.

5.      I love Briarwood, can I sign up for more than three volunteer shifts? We want to give our families many opportunities to earn back their money, but we will never turn away the help! You can always just show up and help without signing up, but it may not count toward your volunteer fee reimbursement.

6.      Who can I contact if I have a question or need help with signing up? You can reach our 2024 Volunteer Coordinator, at [email protected].

Thank you on behalf of the kids, parents, and other volunteers for taking the time out to volunteer and make our Briarwood El Camino Little League great!


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