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Briarwood El Camino Little League 2022 COVID Safety Protocols

These guidelines are intended to serve as a guidance supplement to the health orders dictated by the State of California, County of Santa Clara and City of Santa Clara (“the city”), California for the purpose of the training, practice, and games during the 2022 season. All Briarwood El Camino Little League (BELL, “the league”) Coaches, Players, Parents, Board Members and Volunteers shall adhere to these protocols and guidelines are for all league training, practice, and game activities.

The league Safety Director, Dan O'Connor/ Tanner Muench will be the point of contact for the implementation of enforcement of these protocols.

In the event of an outbreak of the virus, the league Safety Director will coordinate with local health officials and any pertinent organizations regarding any league activity and will follow all guidelines regarding notification requirements.

The league Safety Director will be responsible for monitoring updates by the City Santa Clara, Santa Clara County, and the State of California Department of Public Health. The Safety Director or any board member may recommend changes to the BELL Board of Directors. The BELL Board of Directors shall regularly visit state and county COVID-19 websites to ensure that they are operating consistent with the latest guidance.

The league reserves the right to make changes to these protocols based on state, county or city guidelines. The protocols may only be changed by the Board of Directors, with a majority vote.

Any changes will be communicated to the league members via email and posted on the league website.

The following list of state and county directives that are potentially relevant to the baseball program is intended as a resource only; it may not include all applicable directives or directives may be issued in the future that also apply.


COVID-19 Interim Guidance: Return to Sports and Physical Activity:

Santa Clara County, effective 2/26/2021: programs.aspx


Only one league activity (i.e. practice or game) may occupy the entirety of the field during any one-time slot. Teams may not enter the field until their time slot begins and must be off the fields by the end of their time slot.


The league Safety Director will instruct all “Personnel” on proper protocols (Social Distancing protocol) and have signed acknowledgment (Appendix 1) of understanding by Personnel before any player may participate in any league activity.

A copy of these protocols will also be given to each member of the league prior to participation. It will also require a signed waiver acknowledging the associated risks, a release of liability as well as a form acknowledgment of these protocols. The signed waiver and acknowledgment form will be returned to the league Safety Director.  (Appendix #2 and #3).

It is required of the Coach to keep a log of which players are in attendance for any given League activity. This must be submitted on the same day of the event to the League President, Player Agent & Safety Director. The record must include the Date, Beginning and Ending Time of the activity & Players Name. The League will cooperate with the Local Health District to facilitate contact tracing and will furnish this list to health officials upon request.

All players (or parents on behalf of players) and Personnel will be required to acknowledge that they are free from any symptoms that would cause them from participating in the League activity (i.e. fever, sore throat, cough, sneezing, body aches, loss of smell, difficulty breathing or fatigue) as well as exposure to anyone who has been confirmed to have COVID-19. This acknowledgement must be filled out on the day of the League activity. If acknowledgement has not been completed, Player or Personnel will not be permitted on the fields.

Parents must contact local health authorities and immediately notify the league President and Safety Director about positive cases, suspected cases or exposure.

Immediately isolate and seek medical care for any individual who develops symptoms after leaving the field.



The use of the BELL fields at Briarwood Elementary School, Cabrillo Middle School (collectively “BELL Fields”) will be limited to Players and Personnel.

Only Players and Personnel will be permitted on the fields during the league activities.

Parent/Guardian must only drop off Players and pick them up. No waiting will be allowed except for age- appropriate supervision.

Carpooling is not allowed unless the Players are members of the same household that are living together. Players may not wait at or around the fields. Drop off and pick up should be in a timely manner.

Signs will be posted at the facility to remind everyone about social distancing.

Upon arrival Players should check in with the designated Personnel for verification of completion of acknowledgement and sanitize their hands, with at least 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Masks will need to be worn by players and Personnel at this time and social distancing should be maintained during this process.

Player's equipment bags and individual equipment should be placed six feet apart in spaces designated by Personnel. Bat racks may not be used.

Dugouts will only be used by Personnel for storing equipment during training sessions. All Personnel are required to wear masks at all times.

All Players are required to wear masks at all times.

Cones will be placed at least 6 feet apart during drills to designate where players should be to adhere to social distancing requirements.

There will be instances while participating in baseball where proper social distancing is not possible. These include base running, tag plays, force plays, batting while a catcher and umpire are present, etc. It is critical that players and personnel wear facemasks and wear them properly.

Players will have their own personal equipment. (Gloves, helmets, bats, batting gloves, face coverings, water). The League will provide catchers masks to teams and/or individual players based on a team's needs.

No baseballs shall be brought by a Player to any league activity.

Each player shall bring their own water bottle. No sharing is allowed. Drinking fountains will be off limits.

Unless necessary, no food of any kind is allowed. Under no circumstances are gum or seeds allowed The Snack Shack will remain closed.

Minimize close contact: no handshakes, fist and elbow bumps, or hugging.

No socializing or congregating in the parking lot before, during or after practices.

Players and Personnel will also use at least 60% alcohol-based sanitizer immediately after the practice is over. The league will provide hand sanitizer for all league activities.

Use of the bathrooms is discouraged. Under emergency circumstances, they can be used. Hand washing and/or sanitizing is required after bathroom use.


Handles of any equipment that is used to maintain field condition (including, but not limited to brushes, drags, base cart, rakes, etc.) should be properly wiped* down after each use.


The following supplies will be provided by the league and stored at each BELL field. Coaches will be responsible for providing the supplies for use at each league activity.

·       Wipes* for use in wiping down gates, locks, handles of field equipment, balls, other surfaces, etc.)

·       Trash bags for collection and disposal of wipe or first aid trash

·       60% or greater alcohol-based hand sanitizer

·       Disposable facemasks

Each coach will carry a league provided first aid kit containing:

·       Medical gloves

·       Bandages

·       Instant freeze ice packs

·       Facemasks

In addition to their own face covering (to be worn at all times), each member of personnel should come equipped with eye protection (can be sunglasses) in the event that social distancing protocols must be broken (e.g. in case of injury).

Acceptable wipes are those that are disinfectants against COVID19.  The league will provide these wipes.

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