Voting for All-Star teams shall take place immediately following the conclusion of the
regular season, and if available, the publication of the league leaders through statistics. The
All-Star voting process shall be as follows.

a. The All-star committee with the Manages of each division shall form each team based on a voting
system. The first 8 players with the most votes will automatically be on the team. The remaining 2
players outside the managers picks will be negotiated between the allstar committee and the manager
who is selected.

b. The team manager shall then receive two (2) “manager’s option” to select any two players at
their discretion to fill the roster to 12 players.

1. The President, Player Agent, and All-Star Committee shall be the only persons able to
tally and view the votes. Under no circumstances shall the player composition of the All-
Star teams be shared or discussed with any player, parent, or non-voting person prior to
the announcement of the teams at the Closing Ceremonies

2. Immediately following the announcement of selections at Closing Ceremonies, the Player
Agent and manager of each team shall request commitment from every player to
participate with no more than two absences from any game for the duration of the
international tournament.

3. Should a player selected to be on an All-Star team not be able to commit to the entire
international tournament, and with the approval of the All-Star Committee, that player
shall be removed from the roster, and the highest vote getting alternate from the All-Star
Committee Vote shall be selected, and so on, until the final team of 13 committed players
is identified. The 4th, 5th, 6th alternates and so on shall be the highest vote getters in the
League Vote not already on the team.

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