Local Playing Rules (Farm Division)

1. All official start and stop times shall be the scheduled times, unless the change is approved by the League President, Player Agent, or Board Member on duty. Both managers shall be notified of a change in a timely manner.

2.      Only the manager and approved coaches shall be permitted on the field and/or in the dugout during warm-ups and during the game.

3.      Managers and coaches shall remain in the dugout at all times except where permitted on the field of play as an offensive or defensive coach.

4.      Two defensive coaches or manager will be allowed on the playing field prior to a pitched ball, so long as there is an adult in the dugout

5.      Only BoD approved managers and coaches may pitch.

6.      The entire season will be played with an approved soft-tee baseball for safety. A level 5 ball shall be used.

7.      The entire season will be played with a pitching machine as follows:

a.      For the first 3 games, If the batter has not put the ball in play after 3 pitches from the machine, the batter will be given 1 attempt                       to  put the ball in play off the batting tee. If the ball is not put in play after 4 total attempts, the batter is out.

b.      Once the ball is on the tee, any swing at the tee is considered an attempt to hit the ball.

c.       A ball batted from the tee must reach or pass the arc in front of home plate to be considered fair play.

d.      The coach or umpire will be in charge of setting up the tee and operating the pitching machine.

e.       Outs will be counted but shall not determine an end of a half-inning. The defensive team can make unlimited outs on the team batting.

f.        Every player bats each inning, and each team will bat the same number of players each inning. For example, if a team only has 8 players and the other team has 10 players, the team with 8 players will bat around, plus the first two batters of that half- inning bat again.

g.      A complete game shall consist of three (3) complete innings or 1.5 hour time limit, whichever is first reached.

8.      The remainder of the season will be played without the batting tee as follows:

a.       Each batter will be given a maximum of five (5) pitches from the pitching machine to put the ball in play.

b.      If after five (5) pitches the batter fails to put the ball in play the batter is declared out.

c.       If on the fifth (5th) pitch (or later pitch if tipped or fouled) the ball is tipped or hit foul, the batter will be given an additional pitch. If that pitch is not put into play, the batter will be declared out.

d.      If on the fifth (5th) pitch the batter is hit by the pitch, the batter will be given one (1) additional pitch.

e.       If the ball is not put into play, the batter will be declared out. There will be no walked batters.

f.        The five (5) pitch rule applies, even if the pitching machine fails to make good pitches to the batter.

g.      A batted pitch does not have to reach the 13 foot arc (the arc is for use with the tee only).

h.      No bunts are allowed regardless of the distance the ball travels.

i.        Each player on the roster will bat in sequence for the entire game.

j.        Three (3) outs or five (5) runs (maximum) will end the half-inning.

k.      A regulation game will consist of six (6) innings or a 1.5 hour time limit, whichever comes first. It will be the umpire’s discretion if a new inning can start before the 1.5 hour time limit expires.

9.      Each player will play at least every other inning defensively.

a.       For the entire season, each player may not play more than two (2) consecutive innings at the same position.

b.      For the entire season, each player must play at least one (1) inning per game in an infield position.

10.  Once the ball is hit fair, play will continue until the ball is returned to the pitcher in the pitcher’s circle. The pitcher must have control of the ball to terminate the play in progress.

a.       If a runner is beyond the halfway line when the ball is returned to the pitcher in the pitching circle, the runner will be awarded the base they are running to.

11.  A batted ball that hits the pitching machine will be an immediate dead ball, and the batter-runner placed on first base, all other forced runners advance one base. A thrown ball that contacts the pitching machine will be an immediate dead ball. Players may advance one base only, unless they have already advanced on a prior error per III.D.12.

12.  A base runner can advance one (1) base on an overthrow but may be thrown out. Example: The batter hits the ball and the shortstop overthrows to first base – the runner may proceed at his/her own risk to second base. If the first baseman makes an overthrow to second base into left field the runner cannot advance to third base. If he/she does proceed they will be instructed to return back to second base. However, they can be thrown out attempting to go to third base.

13.  A runner must stay on the base until the ball is batted, whether from a pitched ball or from the tee. Leadoffs will not be allowed. If a runner should leave too early, he/she will automatically be called out by the umpire when play comes to a stop.

14.  Pitcher shall stay behind the coach and within the circle when the ball is pitched.

15.  The nine (9) player rule will not be enforced. A minimum of seven (7) players will be allowed for playing an official game. Every manager must report to the Player Agent when they play with fewer than 9 players.

16.  Home & Visiting Team Responsibilities:

a.       Home

i.          Prep field (rake, drag, water)

ii.         Provide tee during the first half of the season

iii.          Supply 3 game balls to Umpire (balls available from League prior to game)

iv.          Provide official scorekeeper

v.         Home team will keep balls after the game

vi.          Clean up home dugout and surrounding area after the game

b.      Visitor

i.          Chalk the field pregame

ii.         Clean up visitor’s dugout and surrounding area after the game

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