1.      A ten (10) batter per inning rule will be in effect for the entire season. Ten batters or three outs, batting order will continue from where it stopped the previous inning.

2.      On a walk, the batter-runner may advance only as far as the base on balls forces him/her to advance. Baserunners not forced may advance one base only, at risk of being put out.

3.      The side is retired and the inning is over when:

a.       Three (3) offensive players are legally put out, or called out by an umpire, or

b.      Ten (10) batters have batted in the inning, or

c.       When the offensive team has scored five (5) runs

i.       For clarity, no more than 5 runs may be counted in an inning.

ii. Per the option in rule 5.07, the 5 run max rule is not in effect for the final and  extra innings for whichever team is trailing at the beginning of their at-bat.

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