**** The Entire Season Will Be Player Pitch****

.      During the first half of the season (first 6 games) each player may not play more than two (2) consecutive innings at the same position.

2. No new inning shall be started after 1 hour 45 minutes following game start time.

3.      Pitchers must be removed from the mound if there are 3 batters hit by that pitcher in one inning, or 4 cumulative times while on the mound.

4.      Players and substitutes shall sit on their team’s bench or in the dugout, unless participating in the game or preparing to enter a game. No one except the players in uniform, the manager, and two (2) coaches shall occupy the dugout area.

5.      The distance of the pitching plate shall be 40ft. from home plate.

6.      The side is retired and the inning is over when:

a.       Three (3) offensive players are legally put out, or called out by an umpire, or

b.      Nine (9) batters have batted in the inning, or

c.       When the offensive team has scored five (5) runs

i.       For clarity, no more than 5 runs may be counted in an inning.

ii.      Per the option in rule 5.07, the 5 run max rule is not in effect for the final and extra innings for whichever team is trailing at the beginning of their at-bat.

7.      Players may not steal home nor advance home due to throwing error, wild pitch, passed ball.

8.      Runners may not advance on errant throws to the pitcher from the catcher returning a pitched ball.

9.      Runners may advance:

a.       Freely on a hit ball until the ball reaches the pitcher. The pitcher must have control of the ball to terminate the play in progress.

b.      One base only on errant throws from fielders per pitch.

c.       Only as far as a walk forces them to advance.

d.      Runner may advance one base only on wild pitches, passed balls and/or dropped balls by the catcher. If a ball is securely caught by the catcher, the runner may not advance. Please refer to LL Rule 2.00 “CATCH” for further explanation.

10.      In a regulation game, if the game ends in a tie, that tie will count in the standings. Ties are better than losses (e.g., an 8‐7‐1 record is better than an 8‐8 record).

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