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Sep, 2021

Santa Paula Little League General Membership Elects 21-22 Board of Directors

Santa Paula Little League's Annual General Membership meeting took place on September 22, 2021. This annual meeting provides an opportunity for the outgoing board to report on the state of the league and for the membership to select the board for the upcoming season.

Outgoing President, Brian Blackshear reported on the state of the league; highlights included successes in participation, concessions, and the need for greater volunteer involvement.

Joe Byrum's (Outgoing Treasurer) report on the financial status of the league revealed an underlying stability that the general membership was grateful for.

Said Secretary, Travis Cooper, "We were pleased this year with participation from the membership. Good questions were asked and the membership took an active role in steering the future of the league."

In the final course of business, the membership created a 15 member board and elected 14 persons. The newly elected board immediately sat and elected their officers. 

Incoming President, Aaron Dunkel, said, "We have a lot of energy coming into the new season. Everybody is hopeful."


Aaron M. Dunkel


Brian A. Blackshear


Joseph P. Byrum


Travis Cooper

Player Agent

Jon Nelson

Safety Officer


Coaching Coordinator

Alex Valenzuela


Aaron M. Dunkel

Equipment Manager

Sean Blackshear

Information Officer


Concessions Manager

Roman Herrera

Head Scorekeeper

Roman Herrera

Public Relations Officer

Roman Herrera

Head Team Parent

Maria Gomez

Fundraising Manager

Danny Wreesman


Michael Nava


David Silva


Robert Rochelle


Kari Bradburn

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