Our Team programs are for players who desire qualified coaching, a high level of competition, and an atmosphere that allows them to reach their potential and achieve their individual goals in the game. Players who participate in this level of Competitive soccer will need to be prepared to make a significant commitment to soccer training and competition.

Open tryouts are held in early June. Teams are formed in June. If space remains, additional tryouts can be arranged. Program runs from late August through early June.


Winter Training Schedule Begins January 6th

No training week of  MA School Vacation in February

GU9 and GU10

  Tuesdays 1/6-3/3
Saturdays 3/10-3/24
5:00-6:30     1/6-3/3
9:00-10:30   3/10-3/24
Latitude Sports Club
194 Newbury St, Peabody, MA
 GU11 and GU12   Tuesdays 1/6-3/3
Saturdays 3/10-3/24
6:30-8:00       1/6-3/3
10:30-12:00   3/10-3/2
Latitude Sports Club
194 Newbury St, Peabody, MA
 GU13    Wednesdays  6:00-7:30 Breakaway Sports World
67 Tennis Plaza Rd, Dracut, MA
 GU14    Wednesdays  7:30-9:00 Breakaway Sports World
67 Tennis Plaza Rd, Dracut, MA
 GU15   Tuesdays 1/6-3/3
Saturdays 3/10-3/24
6:30-8:00       1/6-3/3
10:30-12:00   3/10-3/24
Latitude Sports Club
194 Newbury St, Peabody, MA  
 BU9 and BU10
   Tuesdays  6:00-7:30  Breakaway Sports World
67 Tennis Plaza Rd, Dracut, MA
 BU11    Tuesdays 7:30-9:00
 Breakaway Sports World
67 Tennis Plaza Rd, Dracut, MA
 BU12    Thursdays  6:00-7:30  Breakaway Sports World
67 Tennis Plaza Rd, Dracut, MA
 BU13    Tuesdays 7:30-9:00    Breakaway Sports World
67 Tennis Plaza Rd, Dracut, MA
 BU14    Thursdays  7:30-9:00 Breakaway Sports World
67 Tennis Plaza Rd, Dracut, MA 
 BU15   Wednesdays
 6:00-7:30 Breakaway Sports World
67 Tennis Plaza Rd, Dracut, MA 
 BU16    Fridays 6:00-7:30
Breakaway Sports World
67 Tennis Plaza Rd, Dracut, MA 
 BU17   Tuesdays or TBD
 6:00-8:00 or TBD
 Needham or TBD
 BU18   Fridays
 7:30-9:00 Breakaway Sports World
67 Tennis Plaza Rd, Dracut, MA 
 GKs    Wednesdays  7:30-9:00  Breakaway Sports World
67 Tennis Plaza Rd, Dracut, MA
 Jnr Academy
 Breakaway Sports World
67 Tennis Plaza Rd, Dracut, MA

Our Smartphone App


Our New Smartphone App is ready for you to download and Explore!

Benfica USA now has their own Smartphone App. It'll keep you up-to-date with your favourite team's news, events, schedules and much more.

To get the full features of our club's App you need to download "Team App" onto your smartphone. 
Download Team App here ( or from the App Store or Google Play. Its 100% FREE.

Launch Team App and then search for Benfica USA.

1. Sign-up to Team App. You'll be sent an email to confirm your registration.
2. Then search for "Benfica USA" and request access to group(s) that apply to you.
3. Allow PUSH notifications to be sent.

If you don't have a smartphone, email so you can be added manually and you'll receive email notifications.

Also check it out On the Web:

Uniform Kit

2014-2015 Uniform Kit

Families will purchase the 2014-2015 Uniform Kit from WeGotSoccer from Foxboro MA

Order Online at

Our registrar will be assigning uniform numbers to new players.
Returning players can wear the game uniform from 2013-2014. They need to purchase the new NAVY training kit.

New players will be contacted with their number. They must purchase the 2 game kits and the training kit.

Sample uniform sizes are available at Sheelagh's in Bedford.

Remember to enter the coupon code "suscreward" to save a further 10% discount

This year the required kit does not contain a rain jacket or pre-game shirt.
The Training kit has changed from royal blue to navy blue.
We will let you know via email when/if new items are added to the store, for example Benfica USA warm up suits and backpacks

The training uniform is Navy.

The Home kit is Red shirt, white shorts, red socks.

The Away kit is White shirt, red shorts, white socks.


FALL 2014:

Great Expectations

Congratulations on joining the Benfica USA Club! We are excited to have you on the team!
In June 20, 2014 I sent out a welcoming letter. As we are about to start the first game, I would like to send you these tips that will help you meet your soccer club expectations – and ours.

What can you expect from us?

 Improvement. We promise that with us, your player will become better
 Our objective is “player development“, not team development. Each player will be placed in a safe, challenging environment conducive to becoming better. The “open” club pass card allows for fluency from roster to roster. This is more transparent in the U9-U12 age groups
 Professional coaches, including national, regional, state, high school and college coaches, as well as ex-pro players and coaches
 Specialized, professional GK Training
 Specialized Strength & Conditioning
 Opportunities to play in additional higher level leagues
 Efficient service and management
 Information about State, Regional and National level programs and opportunities
 A COLLEGE GAMEPLAN- Forums, Advice, Showcase Tournaments
 Countless extra opportunities: clinics, summer camps, tournaments etc.
 Committed and dedicated staff at all levels

What do we expect from you?

 Patience; Player development is a long non-ending process. Most important is where the player ends up when they are 16 and 17 years old
 Be supportive to your player and club
 Attendance at all games and practices
 Commitment to soccer as your main sport
 Commitment to healthy nutrition and remaining fit

How can we be sure our expectations match up?

Some players progress more quickly than others. This is not by chance! To make the most of what we offer, you need to:

 Take the opportunities offered – attend high level Benfica USA camps and clinics
 Watch pro soccer – go to games, watch as many games as you can on TV
 Practice at home – juggle, play with friends, keep fit
 Consider other commitments – if you are playing 4 sports, or many teams, you may not progress as fast as a player who is focusing on 1 sport and place club soccer as the #1 priority
 Play year round – find additional winter training opportunities, join summer leagues, attend our camps in off season

Remember, the coaches open the door, but it is the player who must enter

Arthur Dimitrakopoulos

2014 great expectations.pdf

SUMMER 2014:
Dear Benfica USA U9-U14 families,

Welcome to the 2014/2015 soccer year.  We have just finished a very exciting year with many individual and team successes. We are looking forward to continue and surpass it this coming year.

Sheelagh and I have put together a timetable for your convenience.  We know it’s a lot but please use it as a reference whenever you have questions.  

To maintain a seamless communication flow please note the following:

  1. If it is not posted on our WEBSITE it has not been decided yet.
  2. We use social media for last minute updates, changes, notifications or cancellations.  Please like us on FACEBOOK  follow us on TWITTER  and on YOUTUBE
  3. NEW! We are introducing our own FREE SMARTPHONE APP. It will allow administrators and coaches to send PUSH notifications to your smartphone with news and updates. See details on this page.
  4. In addition, each team will have a parent volunteer TEAM ADMIN, to help the communication between the club, coach and parents/players.  If you are interested in being a Team Administrator, please contact Sheelagh at  
  5. The “PARENTS” tab on our website has been updated with important information about the Leagues, US Club Soccer, Olympic Development Program, etc.


To complete the registration process your support and assistance with the following is crucial. Sheelagh cannot apply for your player passcard if any items are missing.

  1. NEW! We are transitioning to US CLUB SOCCER for registration and insurance coverage. A new waiver form will be sent to you during the summer for signing.
  2. A color photo of player's face is required, preferably digital. New and returning players should send an updated photo.
  3. Copy of Birth certificate for all new players.
  4. Signed copy of final page of our Club's Player/Parent agreement.
  5. Payment towards club fees. (Discounts for paying in full, paying by Automatic credit card withdrawal, and player referrals, will be processed manually over the next few weeks.)

Families will order game and training uniforms online at See details on this page.

  1. New Players will need home, away and training uniforms.
  2. Returning players will need to purchase the new Navy training uniform. The game uniforms are staying the same.
  3. Uniform numbers will be emailed to new players. Returning players from last year keep their same number.

Practice schedule for the fall season is posted on this page.  All practices run 6:00-7:30 (unless otherwise posted).  However towards the end of October the times will be adjusted to 5:30-DARK due to the loss of daylight.  Also at the end of the season the practice night and location might change if we move the practices indoor or under the lights.

  1. All U10-U14 teams have been entered into the Labor Day weekend Seacoast Tournament. The club pays for this and it’s mandatory.
  2. The fall League season will run from September 6/7 to November 1/2. November 7/8 is a dedicated make-up date.  There are no league games on Columbus Day weekend but our DOC might schedule an optional clinic.
  3. League Game Schedules available here:

Arthur Dimitrakopoulos


  All player's families have an online account with us at this website.
  When you log in, you can:  Check enrollment, check payments made, pay by Visa or Mastercard, update email addresses, mailing addresses, emergency info and more.
   Please keep your email address and phone numbers up to date in your account.

  Color Photo of players face emailed to
  Copy of Birth Certificate
  Final page of the Player/Parent Agreement signed and dated.
  USCS Waiver signed and dated.


Get Involved

Would you like to get more involved in the Club? We are always looking for enthusiastic and supportive people to help out.
Can you help keep your team Organized? or Help Direct Fun field trips and events?  Help with securing Fields? With Advertising Campaigns? By taking Photos? 
Share your skills and help build a strong Club for all our Families!  

Click on the Volunteer tab below to get started, and/or contact

Payment Plan

The 2014-2015 Payment Plan:
$450 deposit when accepting a spot on roster.
The balance to be paid in monthly installments on August 1, September 1, October 1 and November 1.
Accounts must be paid in full by Mid-November.

Login to your online account to see payments made and balance outstanding.

Click on "Make Payments" to pay an installment by credit card.

Checks should be payable to Benfica USA, and mailed to
Sheelagh Kelly
8 Winterberry Way
MA 01730


Team trainings on YouTube

Development Path for Players

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