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May, 2023

WLL Zero Tolerance Policy

Wakefield Little League 
Zero Tolerance Policy
The Wakefield Little League (“WLL”) program exists to serve our youth.  It strives to provide an outlet for healthy activity and training under good leadership in an atmosphere of positive community participation and sportsmanship. 
Long-term objectives include:
·      Helping our children become good and decent members of society
·      Inspire our children with goals to enrich their lives
·      Establish the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play
In recent years the number of negative and violent occurrences at sporting events has been on the rise.  Many instances have begun among spectators having differences of opinion on the performance of officials, coaches or players.  WLL Board members, parents and officials have witnessed numerous incidences of hostile behavior from both adults and players alike.  These occurrences have ranged from derogatory remarks to physical altercations, none of which are acceptable behavior.  
Therefore, WLL has instituted a Zero Tolerance Policy towards any participant or spectator at WLL events.  The end result will ensure that every league event remains safe and positive for all.  Please note that “Zero Tolerance” applies to actions and words directed toward any participant or spectator at league events, including but not limited to:
·      Derogatory or inflammatory comments toward umpires, coaches, or officials and their decisions;
·      Negative comments or disruptive actions towards players or participants, either on or off the field;
·      Negative and/or abusive comments or actions among spectators.
These actions will result in immediate expulsion from the event.  The offender will be asked to leave the premises completely, and the police will be notified if necessary.  Any further incident will result in immediate expulsion, a two-game suspension and a “permanent expulsion review” by the Board of Directors.
·      Threatening physical violence toward any participant or spectator.
This will result in immediate expulsion form the event, and a two-game suspension.  Any further incident will result in an immediate expulsion, a one-year suspension and a permanent expulsion review by the Board of Directors.  Police will be notified.
·      Physical assault or contact that may cause bodily injury such as hitting, kicking, pushing, shoving, bumping or slapping.
This action will result in immediate expulsion from the event and a permanent expulsion review by the Board of Directors.  Police will be notified in this instance.  
In the event a ruling of suspension and/or expulsion is not abided by, then the Board of Directors shall have the right to remove any child from the program who is associated with the offender and/or that person not abiding with said suspension and/or expulsion.
WLL is dedicated to providing safe, positive and fun atmosphere for OUR children.  Zero Tolerance strengthens our ability to provide that atmosphere. 

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