FAQ - Registration

When and where can I register my player?
You can register your player on this webpage under the “Registration” tab.  Click on “Registration” link and find the correct age division for your player.

Is there a late fee?
Yes.  In order to set up rosters for the upcoming season, we do not need to set a date where a late fee would trigger. That information is shared during registration announcements.

What division should I sign up for?

You’ll want to register your player for the appropriate age group based on that player’s baseball age.  You can determine the player’s baseball age by consulting the age chart here.  

If you are still uncertain, please email us and we can point you in the right direction.

Do I need to tryout?
Players playing in the following divisions need not tryout:  Challenger, Little Tykes, TeeBall, Rookie League, A Ball, and AA Ball.  Additionally, any player already rostered on a Major League division team does not need to tryout again.

Looks like I missed registration.  Can I still sign up?
Your best bet is to email the Age Director of the age division in which your player would be playing.  There may or may not be a spot open.

When will I know what team my player is on?
Teams are generally formed a week or two after the final tryout.  If you hear that others are being informed of what team the player is on and you still have not yet heard, reach out to the Age Director of the league for confirmation.

Can I pick what team my player is on?
WLL will do our best to honor requests for age divisions AA and below.  However, as teams are drafted in the AAA Division and above, we can not honor any requests for team placement.

When do practices start?
Mother Nature knows best.  We try to hold our first practices sometime during the first week on April.  

When do games start?
Different age levels begin at different times, but it’s generally the end of April or beginning of May.  Wakefield Little League develops its schedule so that the end of the playoffs will coincide with the end of the public school year.  

What equipment do I need to buy?
The league will supply the player with a shirt and a hat.  The player will need to supply any baseball pants, baseball socks, baseball belt, or cleats to be worn.  Additionally, all players should supply their own baseball glove, helmet, and bat.

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