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Feb, 2021

WLL 2021 COVID Guidelines

Wakefield Little League (“WLL”)
2021 COVID-19 Safety Plan (the “Safety Plan”)

WLL has developed the following safety protocols following the Commonwealth of Massachusetts guidelines and recommendations from Little League International. This Safety Plan will be updated throughout the season as new guidelines are released/existing guidelines are modified. This Safety Plan is a shared responsibility of WLL, our coaches, parents, and players. Responsibilities for each group are summarized in the following sections.

Shared responsibilities:

  • Conduct a symptom assessment of any member of your household (including yourself) that will be attending any WLL game or practice. This includes a temperature check.
  • Do not attend games or practices if symptoms exist
    • Per the CDC, symptoms include fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headaches, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Notify your player’s coach and the respective WLL age division director if your player(s) or someone they have been in contact with is confirmed to have COVID-19
  • Restrooms and our Snack Shacks will be closed

League responsibilities:

  • Provide hand sanitizer for each team
  • Schedule extra time between practices/games to minimize overlap to the extent practical
  • Provide catchers’ gear (AAA, Major League, 50/70, and Senior League for the entire season to players as needed. Please note that limited supply is available. All equipment must be returned at end of season
  • Provide “modified dugouts” for AAA, Major League, 50/70, and Senior League to support social distancing

Parent/guardian responsibilities:

  • Limit spectators to each game/practice based upon current state guidelines. This will be updated frequently to reflect the current policy in place
  • Please do not attend the games/practices if your player is not participating
  • Players may not share equipment. Supply a glove, bat, batting helmet, and water bottle for your player(s) and ensure that they are labeled. For AAA, Major League, 50/70, and Senior League it is recommended that you please bring a chair for your player(s) as each player will have a designated area outside the dugout for their belongings
  • Supply a mask/facial covering for your player(s)
  • For Little Tykes, T-Ball, Rookie, Single A and Double A teams, a parent/guardian must be present with their player(s) for the entirety of each game, as players in these divisions will sit with their parent/guardian when they are not on the field
  • Stay out of designated player areas. Please note that the bleachers will not be used for spectators
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts protocols require that spectators wear face masks and maintain 6 feet social distancing from individuals not within your household
  • Leave the field shortly (within 15 minutes) after games/practices and do not congregate in parking lots or other common areas
  • It is recommended to not carpool with non-household members
  • Review the protocols with your player and ensure they understand what is required to participate

Coaching responsibilities:

  • Understand and adhere to social distancing guidelines to the extent practical during practices/games
  • Coaches will supply their own face masks and are always required to wear it
  • Review the requirements for players, coaches, and umpires in detail
  • No contact between players/coaches/umpires. This means no high-fives, post-game handshake lines, etc. It is recommended that teams line up on foul lines after games to tip their caps to opponents and umpires
  • AAA, Major League, 50/70, and Senior League will use modified dugouts away from spectators
    • At least one coach will monitor this area to ensure social distance is being followed by players
  • Minimize in-person team meetings and have your team leave the field promptly when your practice/game ends
  • Rotate game balls every 2 innings during games
  • All high touch surface areas must be sanitized at the end of each activity (e.g.., rakes, hoses, shed handles, gate locks, etc.)
  • Fields should be prepared prior to the arrive of players
  • Equipment used is to be cleaned after each use
  • Ensure the umpires are properly masked and following this WLL COVID policy

Player responsibilities:

  • Participants must wear facial coverings on the bench at all times (masks are highly recommended over gaiters/buffs) and in common area of the field. Baseball batters/runners must wear facial coverings at all times. Masks are also required when playing defense following the state guidelines.
  • Understand and adhere to social distancing guidelines during practices and games
  • Follow your coach’s instructions for where to sit and where to put your equipment
  • If you feel sick during a practice or game, tell your coach right away
  • If you feel sick before a practice or game, tell a parent right away
  • When you’re not on the field:
    • Use the hand sanitizer when you come off the field/into the dugout.
    • Wear a face mask.
    • Stay six feet away from others (e.g., stay in your designated spot).
    • Keep your drinks and equipment separate from your teammates.
  • Do not use another player’s equipment or let them use yours
  • No spitting, seeds, gum, or similar products are allowed
  • No shaking hands, high-fives, chest bumps with other players (e.g., no contact celebrations are permitted).

Umpire responsibilities:

  • Plate meeting should be limited or eliminated
  • No players may participate in plate meetings
  • Follow social distancing (6 ft) for meetings
  • Umpires must wear a face covering
  • Umpires will be placed behind the pitcher’s mound to call balls and strikes

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