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Certifications are only valid for one year. If your referee badge does not have the current year on it, you must recertify to qualify for game assignments. Referee recertification is OPEN and is online this year. Please go to the CT State Referee Program website to register. When you recertify, if you are 18+ years old, you will be required to clear a Background Check and pass the SafeSport Training through US Soccer before being able to take game assignments.


Be sure to keep our Referee Assignor up to date on any team conflicts you may have as well as changes to your contact information.

If you have questions about assignments or certifications, please contact the Referee Assignor at [email protected].

Please review the items below for a refresher on referee conduct.

WEATHER 1. Unless you have been contacted, assume your game is on. Listen to what the coaches say, but remember, the final decision is yours. Always keep safety in mind.

2. When there is thunder there is usually lightning. Suspend the match for 30 minutes, no exceptions! During the suspension, everyone should be in a vehicle and not on the field or under trees. If your parents have dropped you off, ask a coach to give you shelter in their car.


1. Make sure of the start time and location of your game(s).

2. You must arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the start of your game.3. Games need to be started on time and kept on time. Give your coaches a 10-minute then 5-minute notice of when the game is starting. When you blow your whistle, blow it hard, so can be heard above all the noise and excitement. Also, speak loud enough to be heard.

3. Make sure your shirt is tucked in and you are wearing your official referee uniform. This includes wearing Referee Socks and pulling them up to your knee. Do not wear slouched socks.

4. You will be paid at the game by the East Granby team. If you are not paid, please contact the Referee Assignor.

5. When you are refereeing a game, make sure you are impartial. Don't take sides with a team. It might be hard, but remember you are a referee and impartial.

6. When you are a linesman for game, all focus must be on the game. When a friend or someone comes up to talk with you, you must tell them that now is not the time for conversation.

7. Foul language is never allowed on the field either out loud or under your breath. You never know who might walk by. It is unbecoming behavior for a ref.

8. If spectators are to close on the sidelines, politely ask them to move back. Also ask them to let other spectators know when they are to close. Tell them you need the area for throw-ins.

9. When refereeing younger kids’ games, remember when you blow your whistle to let the kids know what they did wrong and also what's the correct way of doing it. Don't go into long discussions, just tell or show them and then move the game along. The clock is running.

10. We don't allow aggressive playing. Whistles must be blown, and appropriate action taken allowing aggressive results in players being injured. Make sure you are following the play and then make the call.

11. Make sure you are checking all players' cleats and shin guards. Make sure the cleats are not metal and appropriate for soccer. Shin guards are to be worn under their socks.

12. FIFA rules require all jewelry to be removed for play. For players with new earrings, EGSA will allow them to be taped for play. No other exceptions.

13. Medical Alert Tags are allowed but must be taped down on chest under shirt or inside socks.

14. Travel/Competition League games require player / coach passes and certified rosters. Center referee must check these before the match. Any player without a pass cannot play in the match. NO EXCEPTIONS.

15. Friendly games are handled with more lenient discretion.

16. Stay in control and do the best job you can in calling the game. As center referee you are in control. Know your rules and make your decision quickly. If you realize a mistake (don't let coaches/players influence you if you feel you are right) and there is time to fix it, go ahead and fix it. If the game has progressed, the call you made is the call that stands.

17. If you have been assigned a game and you are not able to do it, you must contact the Referee Assignor as soon as possible. Please don't wait until the last minute.

18. We use a 3-referee system (center and 2 ARs) except for U9 and U10 games. The center referee is responsible for providing flags to the linesmen. If a linesperson does not show, contact the Referee Assignor ASAP for guidance.


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