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NK Flag Football Rules

NK Flag football follows the NFL Flag rules, which can be found at

NK Flag has six (6) exceptions to the NFL Flag rule book:

  1. NK Flag will stop the clock on possession change with one minute left in either half.
  2.   Possession change occurs on turnover on downs as well as interception. If the possession change occurs as the clock approaches 1:00 minute remaining, for example, 1:05, the clock will be stopped at 1:00.
  3. The defense is allowed 30 seconds to set their defense after a change of possession.
  4. Mercy-Rule-if team is ahead by 18+ pts:
    Losing team takes possession 6 yrd from mid field and team that is ahead can not return interceptions (spotted at place of interception)
  5. If a player is "taken down" on a sure TD run, the runner will be awarded a TD. This is a judgment call by the ref.
  6. NK Flag allows two (2) 30 second timeouts per team per half.
  7. Initially handing off to the center is legal, however, the center must take one step back from the line of scrimmage and the ball must fully leave the center's hands during the center to QB snap.


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