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Recreation Soccer Q&A

What is Recreation Soccer? Recreation Soccer is a program run within our club for players to learn about soccer, playing on a team, and to develop skills.  There are several programs: Tiny Tykes (U4 & U5), Micro-Mini Program (U6 & U7), Micro Program (U8 & U9) and our Intramural Program (U10, U11 & U12). 

What does the “U” in U4 mean?The “U” means “under”? U4 means players under 4 years old.  Yes, we have players as young as 3 years old who are under age 4 playing soccer.  To determine your child’s level, please Click here

What do I need to provide for my child to play? Every player will need to have shin guards, cleats and a soccer ball.  Micro-Mini (U4 & U5) use size 3 soccer ball and Micro-Mini (U6,U7,U8), & Intramurals use a size 4 soccer ball.   You may also wear a layer of clothing under the uniform if needed, a hat and gloves/mittens for warmth.  We do ask that hooded garments or hats with tails are not worn as other players may grab the hood leading to injury. 

What can I do to help my child while playing? Positive encouragement for your player, your player’s team, and even the opponent team will help make the experience a fun one for your child.   Remember these kids are learning to play as a team, developing skills and looking to have fun.  Their coaches are providing direction to help them.  Please refrain from coaching your child, or another’s child in the game, it may create confusion for them or put added stress on them, making it a lot less fun for your child. For more information Please Click Here

Can my child play up (recreation)? The only time a player can play up is when a U7 player wishes to play at U8.  Please contact the registrar or the Recreation Director who will determine if there is a roster position available.

Does my child need to try-out for Recreation? No.  All registered players are accepted without a try-out.

When does the soccer season start?  We have two seasons each year.  Fall runs from September to November.  Spring runs from April to May. 

What are the Registration Deadlines?
Registration deadlines, to avoid late fees and ensure a roster position are July 31st and January 31st.  

Do I need to play both seasons (Recreation)? No. Some players are with us for both seasons, but other players are with us for just the fall or just the spring seasons.  

When are the Games Played? Games are usually on Saturday. During the spring season we also play on Wednesday evenings. If the weather does not cooperate, there may be additional games added at the end of the season.

When are Practices Held? Practices are held during the week (Monday to Friday) at the discretion of the coach

Can I register after the deadline? Yes, we will accept the application after the deadline if we still have roster positions to fill.  We do charge a late fee after the deadline.

What if my child can’t be at a practice during the week?
If you know there are days of the week when your child can’t be at practice, please make a special request as part of your application.  You may also email special request to the registrar.  When the Recreational Director forms the team, he will do his or her best to take your request into account.   

Are there other types of special requests? Yes.  There is a special request question as part of the registration process, or you can email a special request to the registrar.  Although we do our best, not all special requests can be honored. 

My child has an allergy – how does the club handle that?  Please let us and your child’s coach know about them. 

My child has a disability – will they be able to play? The first step is to check with your child’s doctor confirming that soccer is a sport they can play.  We do ask about serious medical conditions or other conditions as part of the registration process.  This information will be made available to the coach and you may want to have a conversation with the coach.  In addition if you feel the coach should know anything else, please do let him or her know. 

Is financial assistance available? We strive to allow all children to play regardless of financial means and we do have scholarships. If you are unable to pay the fee, please email the Registrar with a simple request for assistance.  These requests are reviewed with the strictest confidentiality. 

Is there a formal code of conduct and who does it apply to? All coaches, players, parents and the extended family and friends are required to adhere to West Deptford Soccer Club’s code of conduct found at Code of Conduct

What if my child decides not to play after I register them? All notification must be emailed to the registrar.  If you notify the registrar before the season begins, you will receive a full refund.  If a uniform has been provided and it is before the first game, the uniform must be returned before the refund will be made.  There are no refunds after the season begins unless there are extenuating circumstances.  

Can I coach  my child on his or her team? Yes.  Please volunteer. Our club depends on volunteers like you.  If you would like to volunteer please contact the registrar or answer the question during the registration process.

Who will my child’s coach be? WDSC relies on volunteers to coach/assistant coach.  These are usually a parent of a child on the team. We do ask parents to consider volunteering as it allows the parent to spend time with their child while they learn and play soccer.  If you volunteer to coach, then it is very likely your child will have you as their coach.  

Do I need a coaching license to coach or be an assistant coach (Recreation)? No you do not need a license to coach recreation.

Do I need a background check to coach? Yes.  All volunteers in any youth sport in West Deptford must have a background check through the township and will be registered with New Jersey Youth Soccer.

Does it cost money to get a background Check? Yes.  However if pass your background check, you have been asked to coach by the club, and you agree to coach with the club, the club will reimburse you for the cost.  You will need to have your receipts.  

Can I volunteer in other ways besides coaching? Yes.  Many teams have a team parent or two that organize an after game snack. Please discuss with the coach of your child’s team.

How are the teams formed? Once a player’s information is provided during the registration (registered online, payment received and documentation loaded) they are placed based on their age.  

Does the club organize team pictures? Yes.  Each fall the club organizes team pictures with a professional photographer.  Each player will receive a team picture at no cost.  When pictures are taken, you have the opportunity to buy individual pictures of your player.  You will be advised of the day, time and location for pictures.   We do not offer pictures in the spring.   

How will I know if games are cancelled or rescheduled due to weather? You will be notified by your coach or the Recreation Director by email or other means. 

Where/when do I pick up my child’s uniform? Uniforms are distributed by the coach for your child’s team.  If you owe money and have not discussed payment with the registrar or you have not provided the required documentation, you will not receive a uniform.

When will hear from my child’s recreation coach? You should hear from your child coach, most likely by email the week before the first game.  If you do not hear from a coach, please contact us at [email protected] 

If there are other questions, please email us at [email protected]

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