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Aug, 2020

Covid-19 Protocols - June 2020

West Deptford Soccer Club

Return to Play Guidelines Effective July 6, 2020

In order to allow all players to return to the practice field and, eventually, to competition, we have implemented the following guidelines consistent with the CDC Guidelines, New Jersey Department of Health Guidelines, and US Soccer Guidelines.  However, it is important to note that these Guidelines are not to be construed as any type of medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or recommendations.  Any questions or concerns related to a diagnosis of Covid-19 or treatment of same should be addressed to an individual’s medical professional.  Please note these guidelines are subject to change as new information is released by governing agencies.

It is also important to note that return to play at this time, or at any time, is completely voluntary.  If a parent is not comfortable with their child returning to play at this time, there will be no penalty for any missed practice or games.  Such decisions are to be communicated privately to the coach of the team and the coach is to keep the information noted and confidential.

In order to allow small group training sessions to begin, all parties must follow their responsibilities as outlined below.  This will allow for successful return to play with the safety of all players being at the forefront. 

While we realize this is new to all of us, we must impress upon our players the importance of following these guidelines each time they come to the fields.  We are hopeful and optimistic that in the weeks and months to come these guidelines may lessen and we can resume a more familiar routine on the fields.

As always, if anyone has any questions please reach out to us!



Prior to returning to play all players and parents will be required to sign a waiver acknowledging they have read the guidelines, the responsibilities, are aware of the risks associated with return to play.

In accordance with the current CDC guidelines, please do not come to the park if you, or a member of your immediate household, has had any signs or symptoms of Covid-19 or exposure to someone who has had Covid-19 in the past 14 days.



You cannot come to the park if you have a temperature above 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit.  As part of our return to play protocol, all players must have their temperature taken prior to coming to the park.  This will be a requirement and will not be something that any coaching staff member or other parent/guardian can do.  Coaches may ask a player’s temperature upon arrival so we ask that you please note it on a piece of paper to bring with you.  If a child has a temperature of 100.4 or higher, please do not bring that player to the field. 

If, upon reaching the fields, or at any time during practice, a player feels ill, they are to advise the coach immediately.  The player will be sent to their parent if they are at the field still, or will be sent to a separate location to await their parent’s arrival to take them home. 

Each player must bring their own ball, their own water jug with a sufficient amount of water for practice, their own hand sanitizer, and their own bag for their belongings.  There will be no extra equipment provided by coaches and players cannot share equipment with other players.

Upon arriving at the designated field for practice, players will walk to their designated practice field.  If arriving at the same time as other players, please maintain a physical distance of six feet from each other.  Do not congregate in the parking lot and walk to the field together.

Upon arriving at the field, the players will place their items in their designated area (identified by cones) and then be told by their coach where to go on the designated practice field.  Players are not to touch equipment that the coach has set out.

During water breaks, players are to go to their designated space on the sidelines where their belongings are placed.  There cannot be any physical socializing with each other. 

At no time can any players share water, equipment, or other items.  Players cannot shake hands, slap hands, fist bump, elbow bump, or contact each other in any manner.  We suggest a group chant at the end of practice in order to maintain the team atmosphere.  We realize this is difficult but must maintain physical distance at this time.



Prior to the start of any return to play, please make sure your child’s coach has your up-to-date contact information in the event an emergency arises.  If you will not be available while your child is at practice, please provide the appropriate contact information to the coach prior to arriving at practice via email, text, or the coach’s preferred method of communication.  Please do not walk up to the coach at practice to provide this information.  Physical distance must be maintained at all times. 

Please take your child’s temperature before leaving your home for practice.  If your child’s temperature is above 100.3, they cannot come to practice.  Please contact the coach to advise of same.  We recommend you seek medical advice as to how to proceed regarding the temperature.

Upon arrival to the fields, please drive closest to the field where your child will be practicing.  Please do not exit your vehicle with your child.  We ask that the players walk to their fields on their own.  Please do not approach coaches at practice for any questions or concerns.  All communication at this time must be by telephone or email prior to practice.

If you are going to remain at the park for the duration of practice, please stay in your car or maintain physical distance in the parking lot.  Please do not come onto the practice fields.  Please do not congregate with other parents in the parking lot or on the fields.

We recommend your child wear a face covering upon arrival.  This can be removed once they are at their practice field.  Please make sure your child has their own water, own ball, own shin guards, own cleats, and own hand sanitizer.  We recommend having your child keep a plastic sandwich bag in their equipment bag for their mask during practice.  Any player who arrives at practice without these will be returned to their car.  Coaches will not have any extra equipment or water. 

Please do not assist coaches with set up or clean up of equipment.  While we certainly appreciate those parents who are always willing to help, during this time we cannot allow additional people to come in contact with the equipment.

Please sanitize your child’s equipment after each practice (ball, cleats, shin guards) and wash all training gear (including face coverings).  We suggest having some type of Lysol spray, Lysol wipes, Clorox wipes, or alcohol-based cleaner (at least 60% isopropyl alcohol) in your car to spray or wipe down equipment before placing it back into your car.  If your child utilizes a mouth guard, please make sure the protective case is with the child at all times so they can safely remove it from their mouth after use.





Coaches are not required to wear face coverings for the duration of practice provided they maintain physical distance of six feet from all players at all times.  Only coaches are permitted to set out and move any training equipment, i.e. cones, sticks, pug nets.  If possible, please set up the field prior to the start of practice.

Coaches must set up individual training areas for each player that will be in square dimensions of no smaller than 6x6 and maintaining 6 feet between all players.  We will be utilizing more field space in order to accommodate all teams during practice sessions.  Please be mindful of the area you are provided for training and respect the physical distancing requirements between players and teams.  Practice sessions will likely end 15 minutes earlier than usual in order to accommodate the sanitizing of equipment, the departure of the players and breakdown of equipment prior to the set up and arrival for the next team.

Coaches must not use any pinnies or other training vests during this phase of play.  If designated teams or colors are to be required, we ask that coaches advise players prior to practice and ask them to wear a shirt in that color.

If a player advises during practice they are not feeling well, please have them remove their personal belongings and return to their vehicle immediately.  If their parent is not at the field, please have the player remove him or herself to a separate area from both the training fields and the area for belongings.  Please contact their parent or emergency contact and have them come to the field immediately to take their child home. 

Please remind players to maintain a physical distance while on water breaks and to not have physical contact through handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, elbow bumps, or other contact.  Please remind players to use hand sanitizer whenever they may have touched their ball with their hands, prior to drinking water during a break, and at the end of practice prior to putting their face covering on to walk to the cars.  Please dismiss players at an appropriate physical distance so that they do not congregate while walking to their cars.

Please be mindful that these guidelines are new for everyone.  We recognize the players may forget at times but we must attempt to keep the players aware of their physical distance and hand sanitizing often in order to keep everyone on the fields.

Together we will return to play safely! 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Nancy Monte Carlo, President WDSC at [email protected] or [email protected].  856-207-4314.

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