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We are always looking for volunteers to coach our young cheerleaders. We have about 100 cheerleaders in our program every year. This is divided into about 10 squads. 

The age groups are:

PW- 5/6
C's- 7/8

Your child must be 5 by July 31st, and she/he must still be 14 on July 31st to cheer in the program. This age is set by TYFA. Parents must bring a certified birth certificate when your child is fitted for uniform/ signed up. We can not use MOTHER'S copies. This is a TYFA rule.

PRACTICE:  The first day of practice will be held July 22nd. Practices are held at Sharps Springs Natural Area. Starting time will be 6:00pm. If you drop your child off and leave you must be back at the field 15 -20 minutes before practice ends, we recommend that a parent be there in case a child gets sick, ,hurt or bad weather. Our volunteer coaches also have families and need to leave on time.

Each age group will meet with the triple head coach or assigned coach for that age group, they will all practice together until cheerleaders are placed on the appropriate teams. This will not be until the football players have been split into teams.

Competition: We compete in a cheer competition in October each year. Squads will be combined together. We do this to keep our squads from competing against each other. This is not always possible, but we try to do the best we can.  If your 7/8 year old is cheering up with a brother or sister on the 9/10 year old squads, she will have to go to competition in her own age group (7/8 C's). TYFA will not let these 2 age groups combine due to stunt rules.  Any other girls cheering out of their age group may be asked to move back to her age group for competition, so please keep this in mind.

Sign up fee is 125.00, you will get 25.00 back at the end of the season when you return your uniform. You also get socks and bloomers to keep. They will also need: Shoes, poms, hair bow and a turtleneck. You can purchase these items when your child gets fitted for her uniform. The package is $60.00.

OTHER QUESTIONS:  Your head coach will set practice times. Practice days are usually Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.   We do play and practice in the rain. If it is lightning or pouring rain there will not be practice.  It is a good idea to show up even if it is raining. Your coach will not know field conditions until they are assessed at practice time.

After teams are split, PLEASE call your head coach with any questions.  She is in charge of your team. If you still need help contact the Smyrna Youth Football Board member.

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