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Article 1.  

1.  The name of the league shall be Smyrna Youth Football / Cheerleading League.

2.  Organization  and purpose:

     A.  A non-profit organization  for the purpose of providing a healthy recreational program for youth interested in tackle football and cheerleading.      

      B.  Teach fundamental football and cheerleading skills and techniques.

      C.  Provide fun, enjoyment, and game competition with adult leadership.

      D.  Teach to win with pride and lose with dignity.

      E.  Build minds and bodies through good clean sportsman-like play and vigorous exercise.

      F.  Teach the importance of teamwork.

      G.  Encourage all participants to complete what they start and the value of not being a quitter.

      H.  All adults are advised this organization is for the benefit of youth that are not yet capable of providing  this type of activity for themselves.  This organization has no provisions for and will make every effort  to avoid adults and adult organizations that would use this program to further personal ambitions or gains.

3.  The principal operation of this league shall be in or about the town of  Smyrna, County of Rutherford, and the state of Tennessee.

4.  This league shall have the power to make and enforce rules and regulations to govern itself.

5.  Membership shall be any person interested in active participation to effect the objectives of the league, preferably living in Rutherford County.

6.  The president of the league shall hold an annual meeting prior to December 1st. for the purpose of reviewing present year's activities

     and electing a board of directors for the next year. Newly elected directors begin serving effective at the end of the current season.

      A.  The membership shall elect nine directors by popular vote. The board will organize themselves at the first board meeting after

            the annual meeting. If the board drops under nine members during the year, members will be selected by the board to fill the

            vacancies for the current year. Members do not have to be present at the annual meeting to be nominated for the board.

      B.  Board members shall serve until replaced.

      C.  Two-thirds majority of board members present shall fill the vacancies.

      D.  Board members shall attend all scheduled meetings unless excused by the president.

      E.  Regular monthly board meetings will be held during the year excluding December.

      F.  Two unexcused consecutive absences shall result in consideration for removal.

      G.  Board members may be dismissed by a two-thirds majority vote of the entire board.

7.   Board of directors shall enforce playing rules of TYFA. The board will approve all football and cheerleading coaches.

      Disciplinary action, if necessary, of any football or cheerleading coach, parent, or league official will be administered by the board.

8.   Amendments.  The constitution may be amended, supplemented, or modified by a two-thirds majority vote of members present at the annual meeting.

 9.   A presidential committee shall review the constitution and by-laws at least every three years.

10.  Statement.  The Smyrna youth football/ cheerleading officers, sponsors, coaches, and supervisory personnel are not responsible for injuries to persons or damage to property other than insurance coverage.

amended Nov.14, 1999


By-Laws of Smyrna Youth Football/ Cheerleading League

  Article 1.

1.  Duties of the Board of Directors.

  • President. The President shall preside at all meetings of the league and carry out policies set by the board, appoint all committees and supervise their activities. See that the league adheres to the rules, regulations, and policies of TYFA Football in conjunction with the Smyrna Youth Football/ Cheerleading League.  The president shall sign all checks along with the treasurer.
  • Vice President. The Vice-President shall perform all the duties of the president in the absence of or the disability of the president and shall carry out assignments of duties as delegated by the president.

  • Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall receive and safely keep all funds of the league and pay our the same at the order of the president. Sign all checks along with the president and make a yearly report of receipts and disbursements.

  • Athletic Director.  The Athletic Director shall be responsible for all activities relating to football, coaches, and parents. This includes representing Smyrna Youth Football at TYFA, recommending coaches, providing team uniforms, and dealing with problems related to these. Also, plans and conducts homecomings.

  • Cheerleading Director.  The Cheerleading Director shall be responsible for all activities relating to cheerleaders, coaches, and parents.  This includes representing Smyrna at TYFA , recommending coaches, providing team uniforms, and dealing with problems relating to these. Also, plans and conducts homecoming.

  • Board of Directors.  The board of directors shall not consist of more than nine members including the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and five members- at- large. The board shall have the authority to fill vacancies on the board if this arises between annual meetings.

The board shall be the governing body to the Smyrna Youth Football/Cheerleading League and may rule on all matters not specifically covered by these by-laws.

2.  Policies shall be adopted by the board of directors as needed to aid in the enjoyment, learning, and encouragement of all players and cheerleaders to continue to participate in organized tackle football.

3.  The board of directors shall have the authority to designate and delegate necessary authority to the officers of the organization to accomplish the goals and purposes of the league.

4.  The particpation boundaries for the Smyrna league will be a neutral zone and,  the neutral zone for the league will include the City of Smyrna, and all of Rutherford County.

5.  Roberts Rules of Order shall be the official order for conducting league meetings and procedures.


Article 2

1.  Teams.  The Smyrna Youth Football/ Cheerleading  League shall organize and supervise teams as needed to operate within the guidelines of TYFA Football.

2.  Players.  Player eligibility will be based on the rules set forth by the TYFA program.

3.  Games.  Games will be scheduled and played as outlined by the TYFA scheduling committee.

4.  Sign-ups.  Conducted as set forth by TYFA.

5.  Coaches.  Football and cheerleading coaches will be approved annually by majority vote of the board of directors.

6.  Practice.  Conducted within framework of TYFA.

7.  Parent Representative.  Parents of each team (football and cheerleading as one team) with the help of each head coach, will select a team Mom/Dad to work with the head coaches in matters relating to this particular team.  The team Mom/Dad cannot be the Spouse of either head coach of this team.

8.  Amendments.  These By-laws may be amended, supplemented, or modified by a majority vote of the board members present at any regular board meeting.


amended 12/6/98

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