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Tryouts for 2019-2020

DID YOU MISS TRYOUTS, but are still looking for a team?  Supplemental dates and contact information is below!

North Meck (Charlotte Independence North - North Meck)
Youth Academy Boys  
(2010, 2011,2 2012) IN HOUSE (current YA and Rec participants)
Contact John Tart ([email protected]) if you are interested in joining!

Youth Academy Boys  (2010, 2011, 2012)
Contact John Tart ([email protected]) if you are interested in joining!

Youth Academy Girls ALL INTERESTED PLAYERS (2010, 2011, 2012) 
May 29Bailey Road Park6-7:30pm
11U Boys (2009)
Contact Ty Haddock to inquire about any open roster spots ([email protected])

11U Girls (2009)
May 29
Bailey Road Park6-7:30pm
12U Boys (2008)
Contact Ty Haddock to inquire about any open roster spots ([email protected])

12U Girls (2008)
May 29Bailey Road Park6-7:30pm
13U Boys (2007)
May 30Bailey Road Park 5:30 - 6:45pm
13U Girls (2007)
May 28Bailey Road Park 25:30-7:00
14U Boys (2006)
Contact Ty Haddock to inquire about any open roster spots ([email protected])
14U Girls (2006)
May 28Bailey Road Park 25:30-7:00
15U Boys (2005)
Contact David Crutchfield to inquire about any open roster spots ([email protected])
15U Girls (2005)
May 28Bailey Road Park 25:30-7:00
16U Boys (2004)
May 30 Bailey Road Park 7:00- 8:30pm
17U Boys (2003)
May 30  Bailey Road Park7:00- 8:30pm
18/19U Boys (2002/2001)
May 30  Bailey Road Park7:00- 8:30pm 

For Boys ECNLGirls ECNL and Boys USDA, please check those program pages!

Coaching Staff for 2019-2020

Directors for North Meck Girls

Emily McMillan: 9U-12U Girls Competitive
Kalla Stark: 13U-18U Girls Competitive
Rusty Scarborough: Girls Elite Clubs National League

Directors for North Meck Boys

John Tart: 9U-10U Boys Competitive
Ty Haddock: 11U-14U Boys Competitive
David Crutchfield: 15U-18U Boys Competitive
Jeff Bilyk: Boys Elite Clubs National League
Kevin Flanagan: Boys Development Academy

Team names for the 2019-20 soccer season will be, by order of competition:
Futures/PDA - Blue - Tan - Navy - White - Silver - Grey - Black

 TeamLevel of Play Coach 
8U-9U (2012-2011)
Youth Academy
 Sam Kakitas
Lee Catchpole
Chris Wargin
Adama Wakai
Patrick Yates 
10U (2010)
Youth Academy
 John Tart 
Matt Payne
Alec Goettl
Andre Diouf
Phil Carey
11U (2009) PDA coming soon 
11U (2009) Blue2nd Classic Ty Haddock 
11U (2009) Tan2nd ClassicRyan Santee 
11U (2009) Navy3rd ClassicSpencer Morton 
11U (2009) White3rd ClassicSam Kakitsis
11U (2009) Silver  coming soon 
12U (2008) PDA coming soon 
12U (2008) Blue2nd Classic Ryan Santee
12U (2008) Tan2nd Classic Mucho Masiyiwa 
12U (2008) Navy3rd ClassicSpencer Morton 
12U (2008) White3rd Classic coming soon 
13U (2007) Blue2nd Classic David Crutchfield 
13U (2007) Tan2nd Classic Christian McArthur 
13U (2007) Navy3rd Classic Wesley Holifield 
13U (2007) White3rd Classic coming soon 
14U (2006) Blue2nd ClassicChristian McArthur 
14U (2006) Tan2nd Classic Mucho Masiyiwa 
14U (2006) Navy3rd Classic coming soon
14U (2006) White3rd Classic coming soon 
15U (2005) Blue 1st ClassicDavid Crutchfield
15U (2005) Tan3rd ClassicMucho Masiyiwa 
15U (2005) NavytbdAndre Diouf
15U (2005) OSL  coming soon 
16U (2004) Blue 1st ClassicKalla Stark
16U (2004) Tan 2nd ClassicJackson Carniero
16U (2004) Navy3rd Classic coming soon
17U (2003) BluePremierRupert de los Reyes
17U (2003) Tan MLS2nd ClassicRyan Santee
17U (2003) Tan USL2nd ClassicGeorge Margiotis
18/19U (2002/01) Blue 1st ClassicDavid Crutchfield
18/19U (2002/01) Tan2nd Classiccoming soon
 TeamLevel of Play Coach
8U-9U (2012-2011)
Youth Academy
 Brad Garrett
Emily McMillan
Chris Huddy
John Long 
10U (2010)
Youth Academy
 Emily McMillan
Brittany Qualkenbush
Devon Bissell
Maddie Smieja
10U (2010) Futures 11U ClassicEmily McMillan
11U (2009) Futures 12U ClassicEmily McMillan 
11U (2009) BlueClassic Robyn Horner 
11U (2009) TanClassic John Long 
11U (2009) NavyClassic Adam Ahrens 
11U (2009) Whitetbd coming soon 
12U (2008) Futures 13U ClassicAdam Denton 
12U (2008) BlueClassic Cory Munro 
12U (2008) TanClassic John Long 
12U (2008) NavyClassicPatrick Valdez
12U (2008) Whitetbdcoming soon
13U (2007) Blue1st/2nd Classic Caz Rafalik
13U (2007) Tan2nd ClassicMike Johnson
13U (2007) Navy2nd/3rd ClassicPatrick Valdez
14U (2006) Blue1st ClassicMike Johnson
14U (2006) Tan2nd ClassicCaz Rafalik
14U (2006) Navy2nd ClassicAdam Ahrens
14U (2006) Whitetbdcoming soon
15U (2005) Blue 1st ClassicCaz Rafalik
15U (2005) Tan2nd ClassicBob Dubiel
15U (2005) Navy 2nd/3rd ClassicNick Cappadora
16U (2004) BluePremier Kalla Stark
16U (2004) Tan1st Classic John Long 
16U (2004) Navy2nd Classic Mucho Masiyiwa 
17U (2003) Blue Premier Kalla Stark 
17U (2003) Tan2nd Classic David Crutchfield 
18U (2002) BluePremier David Crutchfield 
18U (2002) Tan2nd Classic Robb Bolar 

2019-2020 Senior Girls Program INFO

Program Cornerstones

Off-season practices in June and July

Regular season practice starts the week of July 28

Team camp mornings of July 30 and August 1

3 field practices for Burgundy and Blue Teams

2 field practices for White Teams (additional optional pool practice)  

Option for 04s and 05s to register for off-season team in spring 2020

Option for all 05-01 players to register for NH EXOS sessions for soccer-specific athletic training

Spring Training Schedule

Spring GK Sessions:
Goalkeeper Training Sessions

‘Plan B’ is a modified schedule utilized for movement of training when the grass fields are closed due to inclement weather.  With access to turf field and by reducing the area and time frame for training,  ALL teams are now able to train regardless of inclement weather.   We feel this is the best collective solution for our players at the club.   Please be cautious with the higher volume of traffic at the complexes.  Spring 2018 PLAN B SCHEDULE 


For Boys ECNLGirls ECNL and Boys USDA, please check those program pages!

Communication Protocol

It is the Club's hope that a clear communication protocol will provide the Club's members a standardized mechanism for voicing their questions and concerns. The Carolina Rapids Board and Executive Director believe that to effectively operate an organization that is growing like the Rapids, it is important that the Club establish communication protocols that best support the efficiency of the organization while retaining the personal touch that our members deserve.

Any parent who has a specific concern should first make an attempt to solve it through the following paths (boys' & girls' paths below):

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