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Tuition, Scholarship & Paying For College

Tuition will vary depending on whether the college is public or private, and if you live in state or out of state.  Service Academies are tuition free, but do require a military commitment after graduation.  Although public universities are traditionally less expensive than private ones, consider all factors that may impact your total tuition expense.

For example, if you are a resident of the state of Georgia and are accepted to the University of Georgia, tuition will be much lower for an in state resident, 

than for one who is not.  Tuition fees for non-residents can often be on par to private college cost, so consider which is the best option for you, your family, and financial situation. 

While private college tuition is consistent in expense for all students whether they are from in state, out of state or even out of country, private colleges can also have a very selective admissions process.   Admission standards usually apply to both public and private institutions, where a minimum GPA/ test score(s) are in place and must be met in order to be considered for acceptance.  

The majority of colleges and universities will offer academic scholarships, with many having athletic scholarship opportunities as well (Ivy League schools will not have athletic scholarships).  When thinking about the expense of, and how to pay for college, consider this; a great high school GPA, advanced or honor courses, SAT and or ACT scores can reap dividends when you begin applying for college. 

Your Grades = Money

College and universities will offer academic and merit scholarship money awards dependent on your high school GPA and SAT/ACT test score(s).  The better your GPA and test scores, the more money you could receive in scholarship monies.  Have a GPA of 3.5+ and an SAT of 1800+?  You could earn a Presidential or Provost Scholarship!

What’s even better?  The amount awarded will usually be offered for each year you attend (up to 4 years total), as long as you maintain the designated GPA set forth by the college to keep the scholarship. This means your college education, or a good part of it, could be paid for due to the great grades you earned in high school.

Additional opportunities to garner scholarship monies can often come from these categories

  • Community Service work
  • Religious affiliation
  • Athletics
  • Work Study
  • Endowments and Grants
  • Departmental Opportunities
  • Fine Arts
  • Leadership
  • Environmental or Green Club
  • ROTC

Each college or university web site will have information on the scholarship/grant opportunities they offer, guidelines for eligibility, and the process for application.  Be mindful of application and scholarship deadlines, so you don’t miss out on money to help fund your college education.


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