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                   MAYS Striker Soccer General Code of Conduct


In general, children's sports are supposed to be fun - for the children. To that end, the following Standards of Conduct are set forth by MAYS Striker Soccer program to govern the behaviors of players, coaches, volunteer staff, and spectators before, during, and after MAYS Striker sponsored soccer activities:

  1. All members of the club are subject to the YMCA Core Values and Operating Policies of the club. Failure to comply with a club, team, or specific activity rules is cause for discipline and/or dismissal from MAYS Striker Soccer program, and removal from game facilities.
  2. No player or coach will be excluded from participation, or discriminated against in the club due to race, creed, religion, sex, or national origin. 
  3. All members will respect one another and the integrity of the game. 
  4. The coach shall assume responsibility for all actions of players, spectators, and parents during game play.
  5. All coaches (volunteer and paid) and team managers will familiarize themselves with all club documentation regarding player safety in general and prevention of abuse in particular, including, but not limited to, the KidSafe program.
  6. A consistently positive attitude shall be conveyed towards players, coaches, officials, and spectators. 
  7. The club shall expect genuine cooperation between coaches within their own age group and all the others. 
  8. No ill-tempered behavior shall be displayed. 
  9. No remarks shall be addressed to opposing players, coaches, spectators, or referees, except when comments convey genuine friendship and respect, or direct response to questions by the game official. 
  10. Use of profane language is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. 
  11. There will be "zero tolerance" for assault upon, hazing, disorderly conduct toward, harassment of, intimidation of, or discrimination against any player, coach, referee, parent or spectator. 
  12. Smoking or alcohol consumption is not permitted during soccer matches or practices. 
  13. Destruction of property or violation of State and Federal laws is cause for dismissal from MAYS Striker Soccer program. 
  14. The use of noise-making or amplifying devices is prohibited. 
  15. Parents should sit on the opposite side of the field from the coaches when possible. No-one apart from authorized individuals such as players, coaches, and official team managers are allowed to sit on the team bench.


Please note that a violation(s) of the above code of conduct by a current member of the club (coach, player, parent, or any combination of these) may result in a disciplinary process through which membership status within the club may be altered or revoked entirely.

Program Overview

The Academy program is the foundation of our Select Program.  It is a developmental program for 6-12 year old players (U7-U12) to create an environment more conducive for long-term player development. Tryouts for this program take place each year in late May/early June.  Our program provides:


·       A professional coaching staff that oversees all aspects of training and games

·       A program that competes against Atlanta-area youth soccer clubs

·       A program that participates in tournaments (limited number of and distance)

Academy Core Values

·       Confidence

·       Competitiveness

·       Honesty

·       Respect

For more information please contact Scott Schadl at [email protected].

About the Academy
The MAYS Academy program is designed to enhance the development of the player through professional coaching at the 7 through 12 year old levels.  Our mission is to build a strong foundation for the soccer stars of tomorrow, while providing a fun and healthy soccer environment.

The Academy programs serve as a bridge between our U8 / U10 / U12 recreational soccer programs and the U13 select program.

Highlights of the Academy program:

·       Training two times a week (optional third night of training possible)

·       Weekly friendly matches against other clubs' Academy teams

·       Flexibility to move players freely between teams

·       Pre-season Academy Camp

*The pool of players for each Academy program consists of around 40 boys. We identify prospective candidates in three phases:

·       Academy staff evaluates players during training sessions and games with their recreational teams during their league seasons.

·       We complete evaluations through tryout sessions after the spring season.

Players who are identified as strong candidates will be offered admission into the Academy. There is no obligation to join, however. If the level of commitment isn't right for your son or family, the recreational program will still be available as an option.

Academy Goals:

·       Create an atmosphere where young players are exposed to the game with an emphasis on skill development more than team development.

·       Create an environment where players are allowed to flourish in a competitive arena in which the focus of quality soccer is more important than short-term success of winning versus losing.

·       Educate our players and parents in the development process and club values.

·       We'll measure learning and fun, not scores and standings.


Select soccer is broken down into two divisions – Athena for girls and Classic for boys. Each of these Programs have several divisions depending on the level of play. Teams are divided into divisions from National League, GPL, Classic I or Athena A to Classic V or Athena F, with Classic I & Athena A being the highest. Once a player has decided to play for a team, they commit for one full year (Fall & Spring season). 16U and older teams commit to play for the Fall season and may play in end-of-year tournaments in May once the high school season has been completed.   

  • Licensed professional Head Coach at your practices and games.
  • Combination of locations to form the most complete YMCA representative teams.
  • Practice twice a week. (optional third night of training possible)
  • Games on the weekend. On average teams will play 10 games each season.
  • Minimum of four tournaments a year.
  • More intense and professionally ran practices focused on Tactical Play and skill development.
  • Will require some additional travel as you may play teams from within Georgia State.


1700 Dennis Kemp Lane 
Kennesaw, Georgia 30152

Phone: 770-514-4368
Email: [email protected]

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