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A Letter from our Director

Hi Everyone!

It is my honor to welcome you to Atlanta Extreme Volleyball Club. This organization has actively promoted the sport of volleyball in the state of Georgia for the past 7 years through training and competition opportunities. Through the support and dedication of our coaches, players, parents, staff, and the business community, we have provided this training and competition experience for thousands of youth and adult players. AEVC, as it is commonly known, seeks to train youth players in an Olympic‐style environment that focuses on learning and the enjoyment of the sport. Our goal is always to help the youth in our community to improve their volleyball skills as well as their life skills through the competitive sport experience.

The youth sports world is an ever changing and dynamic environment. The policies, procedures, and rules of the game change every year and sometimes more often. Our staff seeks to stay current on training methods as well as the rules and standards of USA, AAU and FIVB volleyball.

The staff also makes a sincere effort to maintain open lines of communication with coaches, players, and parents when changes do occur. As you become a part of AEVC, we encourage you to become familiar with the handbook and use it a guide for the season, knowing that at times there may be changes. We also encourage you to attend meetings, participate in club events, and communicate with your coach, the division director, or our office staff if you have a question or need assistance. Our web page and email system are our main avenues of direct communication. We also have a Club Facebook page for our girls and boys programs.

AEVC has an established record of success in training and competition due to a proven system of practice and team management. The success for teams and individual players is a result of time spent in the gym, the quality of the coaching, the methodology of practice, and many times the presence of natural talent and ability. We seek to combine all of these elements to provide a quality training and competitive experience for players at all levels.

Welcome to AEVC, and I hope that your experience with AEVC will be as enjoyable and enlightening for you as it has been for me for the past 7 years.


Lauren O. Sands

Founder, President, & CEO