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At Atlanta Extreme, we believe that communication is essential. We have listed the appropriate contacts for your convenience.
If you are unclear as to who to contact, please contact [email protected] and we can direct you to the correct person. 

Atlanta Extreme Volleyball Club
 811 Brogdon Road, Suite 108, Suwanee, GA 30024

AEVC Phone: 404-775-5005
AEVC Fax: 404-478-8892
AEVC Email: [email protected]

You can also message "Volleyball" to 50500 and our contact information will be sent to your phone.
Your normal text messaging cost will apply.

Information on any of our players can contact the Recruiting Director at [email protected]

Atlanta Extreme Leadership 2017 Directory


President & CEO
Lauren Sands
[email protected]

Vice President & CFO
Chris Sands
[email protected]

Director of Operations
Brooke Green [email protected]
National Director Jackie Eversley
 [email protected]
Regional Director Raymond Touvor [email protected]
Local Director TBA TBA
Youth Director Laura Keefer [email protected]
Boys Director Rob Keeney [email protected]
Sand Director TBA TBA
Camp Director Jackie Eversley


TBA [email protected]
Alumni Rep
TBA [email protected]
Parent Rep
[email protected]

College Recruiting
Lauren Sands [email protected]

Lisa Detter Hoskin [email protected]

Corporate Sponsorship
Brooke Green [email protected]
Tournament Director
Jackie Eversley
[email protected]

Facility Directors
Rick OKeefe
[email protected]
Spirit Wear and Uniforms
TBA [email protected]
Strength & Conditioning
Josh Sams [email protected]
Marketing & Social Media
Cara Griffiths [email protected]

Travel Coordinator
[email protected]

Social and Events
Cheryl Eckard
[email protected]
School Relations Wency Yen [email protected]
Adult Play
TBA [email protected]
All other inquiries
Brooke Green [email protected]