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Frequently Asked Questions for our 2016-2017 season

1. Where are practices held?

This year our main practice locations will be announced soon!

2. When are tryouts?
Our tryouts schedule for 2013-2014 are listed on the tryouts page. CLICK HERE

All tryouts will be located at TBA. Please check out our Tryout Information page for required paperwork and the exact locations based on your daughter's age. Please arrive a MINIMUM of 45 minutes early on Day one of tryouts as we want to make sure that we have all of your paperwork and forms completed. For the callbacks night, please come early enough to put your gear on, get stretched and are ready to go by the official tryout time.

3. How many tournaments will AEVC teams attend?

At Atlanta Extreme we love tournaments and feel that it is some of the best time for player growth. Each team will attend a different number of tournaments depending on age and level of team. Our POWER teams will compete in approximately 8-10 tournaments. Our CLUB teams will compete in 7-8 tournaments. Our REGIONAL teams will compete in 5-7 tournaments. To see our projected tournament schedules CLICK HERE

4. What ages will we have teams for this year?

We will have teams that cover the ages 10-18 years old. 

5. How many days a week do we practice?

Our club & power teams practice 2-3 times a week until our tournaments start in January/early February. Our local team will practice 1-2 times a week until our tournaments start in February. This is mainly dependent on the team's tournament schedule & the school's holiday schedule.

6. How many girls will be on each team?

We will have 8-12 girls per team. .

7. How long is the season?

The average competitive season is November to end or April/May depending when Regionals occurs. For our teams that are attending Nationals their season will go into late June when the Nationals event is scheduled to take place.

8. Where will the tournaments be? Will they be extra?

The tournaments will mainly be located in the southeast as some of the biggest in the country are here in Atlanta. Cities that some teams have traveled to the most in the past include: Birmingham, AL, Chattanooga, TN & Columbia, SC.  We try to keep all of our away tournaments within a 2-5 hour driving range.  The price of regular season tournaments are included in the club dues and are not extra! Some of our favorite tournaments include: Big South, AAU Nationals, K2 Wilderness, SRVA Regionals,  Peachtree Classic, Southern Classic and the Valentines Day Bash just to name a few.

9. Do we do any fundraising?

Yes, we do a lot of fundraising both on and off season. Some girls have paid their whole club tuition just from fundraising. Please email [email protected] for opportunities for your daughter.

10. What is the main way that we differ from other clubs?

The main way we differ from other clubs is our price and quality of coaches. We truly believe that no girl should not be able to play due to money and that you should not have to spend thousands to be a part of a quality volleyball club. We want to give opportunities to all girls and all families to be apart of club volleyball. We are so thankful to our sponsors and everyone who supports us to make this possible!

We are fortunate to have one of the best coaching staffs in the southeast. We are very selective on our coaches as they represent the club and are working hard with your daughters to have them reach their highest potential. To be a part of our program coaches must go through the selective process of: 1) we must see them coach in action 2) being highly recommended 3) must pass a background check 4) must have coaching/volleyball experience 5) must join our continuing education program where we focus on keeping our coaches up to date on the newest techniques and plays.

Our coaching staff includes:

    Previous college coaches
    Current college players
    National team members
    National award winners
    Previous college players
    Adult club team members
    Sand volleyball players
    Certified award coaches
    High school coaches
    Experienced club coaches

11. Can my child be active in another sport? Can my child play a sport during club season?

 We encourage our players to stay active by playing other sports, especially off season! We designed our practices to be after normal HS practice hours not to conflict with high school practices. We also work closely with the other coaches to make sure that the player is not getting penalized, on both sports, if they have to miss due to a game. We also have our tournaments on weekends which rarely conflicts with HS sports. We have had many many basketball, soccer and track athletes over the past 3 seasons and all have worked out well. We just ask that you communicate with your head coach so that they are able to understand and to work with you.

12. Will I still be responsible for AEVC Club dues if I committed to play for Atlanta Extreme Volleyball Club and change my mind?

When you and your daughter commit to AEVC you have signed a document stating you will play for our AEVC and pay all dues.  Once you have done this another player loses the opportunity to play for AEVC, plus your equipment is ordered.  Due to this you will still be responsible for all Club Dues regardless of if your daughter fulfills her commitment or not.  If your financial situation changes please feel free to contact [email protected] and she will be happy to work with you.

Did we not answer you question here? Please email us at [email protected] .