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Jan, 2023

Practice & Game Cancellation Info

How GAME/PRACTICE cancellation works:

Florida is crazy when it comes to weather.  One minute it is 80 degrees and sunny, the next it is it’s pouring!

With that being said, here is how cancellations work (if any) while on the field and before being on the field:

If we are not currently on the field:
Practices/Games will NOT be called by Mako more than 15 minutes prior to the practice or game UNLESS St. Lucie County Parks & Recreations closes the fields before that time.  We try extremely hard not to cancel any practices and especially games as they are hard to make up.  Please be patient and know coordinators are constantly looking at the weather.

If cancelled:  
1. Coordinator(s) texts all the coaches - then coaches contact parents
2. Info is posted on Facebook site:  (like it to receive notifications).
3. Coordinator(s) send a mass email out thru our online website

If we cancel on the field (it is due to Lightning or extreme rain/conditions):

1. We will hear a lightning warning siren via the park’s THOR GUARD LIGHTNING PREDICTION SYSTEM - It will be ONE 15 second blast of the horn signal and/or the strobe lights begin and remain flashing in which suspension of ALL activities will take place.  At this time EVERYONE must clear the fields and get in their CARS.  Please make sure the fields are clear, DO NOT remain on the fields as it is UNSAFE for you and your child(ren)!
a. If we are practicing, we will more than likely cancel the practice (not to be made up).
b. If we are playing a game - we must wait for the all clear from the system before we can begin games again, unless the coordinators see it will be a big passing storm that will take longer than, in which we will cancel the games immediately, again by TEXTING the coaches who will contact the parents.
2.  After THREE 5 second blasts of horns and the strobe light STOPS flashing, it is safe to get back onto the fields.

If you arrive on the field and there are flashing strobe lights:

That indicates UNSAFE fields.  You must wait for the all clear, THREE 5 second blasts of horns and the strobe lights to completely stop flashing before you must go on fields.  

Please everyone this is SERIOUS.  Please make sure that everyone follows these safety rules protecting your life and your child’s life.

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