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Player Education


CU Training at Home

Training you can do at home |read|

Physical Development


ACL Injury Information |read|

Blister Care and Prevention |

Eating: Before, During, and After |

Foods per the FA |

Nutrition Information:

  • - A United States Government website dedicated to providing accurate scientific information on nutrition and dietary guidance.
  • - The Ohio High School Athletic Association - a dedicated domain to nutritional supplements.
  • The Gatorade Sports Science Institute - Provides articles, tips, research, educational tools, and interactive presentations on sports nutrition and exercise science.

Reinjury Information per the FA |read|

Psychological Development


Mental Skill Development |read|

Performance Rituals |

Psyching Up for Greatness |

Techniques for Managing Stress |

Tactical Development


Basic Tactics for Players |read|

Developing Communication Skills |
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Tactical Information Links:

Zonal Defending -

Possession with flare! -

Study the Game!
Below are links that provide schedule information for college, professional, and national team games.

OUR Professional Men’s Team – THE Columbus Crew –

US Soccer’s scheduled games (hit TV Schedule) –

Fox Soccer Channel. Call your cable company and enjoy –

Schedule of ESPN broadcasted soccer games –

A weekly listing of soccer games on television –

Cincinnati Excite (Pro Indoor) –

University of Cincinnati –

Xavier University –

University of Dayton –

Technical Development


North Carolina Technique Olympics Test |read|

Technical Links:

Emerson Move (Ronaldo’s favorite) -
Beating Your Opponent 1v1 -
The ‘Ronaldo’ -
Scissors (they refer to it as the stepover) -
Video clips for over twenty moves! -
Various moves and training activities -
Pullback -
Cruyff -
Stepover 180 -
Inside Cut -
Outside Cut -
Scissors -
Reverse scissors -
Matthews -
Reverse Matthews -
Fake Kick -


Shooting for Power -
Shooting with Mia Hamm -
Tips on taking penalty kicks -
Various ball striking techniques -
Breakaways -
Shooting -
Volleys -

Beginner passing with Mia Hamm -
Passing -

Advanced Receiving with Mia Hamm -
First Touch & Turns -

Denying the turn -
Individual defending -
Block tackling -
Various defending and tackling techniques -

Heading -
Various heading techniques -

Freestyle -
World Record Holders -
Mr. Woo (the best in the world!) -
Street Juggling -
Various tricks by world stars -

Full Service Interactive Website – Great Player Development Tool!
Saves around the body -
Low ball diving -
Throwing -
Catching - -- (footwork is very important!) -- various goalkeeping drills and topics -- goalkeepers and field vision -- lots of videos for each topic below
ball handling:
dealing with crosses:
shot stopping and saves:
movement and starting position:

Misc. – Rainy day games for kids 12 and younger! - Video clips of tricks and skills - Video clips of various techniques - Various soccer training tips - Advice for self training activities for youth players from US Soccer Good videos for our Junior and Younger team coaches.