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About Cincinnati United


Club Overview


Cincinnati United Soccer Club is an unprecedented unifying of soccer at all participation and skill levels in the Greater Cincinnati area.  It brings together four of the area's top, most recognized Clubs, Cincinnati United Premier (CUP), Lakota United Soccer Club, Sycamore Soccer Club (Arsenal), SCSA and combines them into one exceptional program.  Employing top coaches and trainers in a player-centric environment that focuses on training, development, and fostering a life long love of the beautiful game at all levels make Cincinnati United the destination soccer club in Ohio South.

It is our commitment that Cincinnati United Soccer Club seeks to provide children and young adults of Butler County, Clermont, Hamilton County, Warren County, and all other neighboring communities throughout the Greater Cincinnati and South Dayton areas, a full range of opportunities to enjoy and develop in soccer, at a level appropriate for their age, ability and interest. We recognize that different children play the game for different reasons and that Cincinnati United must therefore provide a variety ofprograms which address the needs and interests of all children in the communities we serve.

The Premier Program:
The purpose of our ‘Premier Program’ is to provide an educational and competitive environment that consistently p
roduces the most mentally, physically, technically, and tactically accomplished players in Ohio South, USYSA Region II, and the nation, recognized for their superior quality of play, knowledge and ability to articulate the game, sportsmanship, and passion for the sport.

The Competitive Program:
The purpose of our Competitive Program is to provide higher levels of training and competition in community based locations to those players interested in select soccer.  While always striving to be competitive, team sports teach the importance of teamwork.  Good programs and coaches teach children, teenagers and young adults the way to compete-with passion, skillful play, teamwork, sportsmanship and respect for themselves and others.

The Recreational Outreach Program:
The purpose of our ‘Recreational Outreach Program’ is to provide a robust coaching education program designed specifically for volunteer coaches. Our program will support existing Recreational Organizations throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area.

The Juniors Academy Program:
We strongly support 6, 7, and 8 year-olds playing recreational soccer in their communities with our Recreational Outreach Partners. We are also, however, aware that there are a select few that seek additional soccer experiences.  Therefore, Cincinnati United has created three programs to provide additional opportunities for these young players.  All Academy Programs will be organized and managed within the training sites of the Competitive Program. All training within the Academy Programs is with our professional staff.

  - The U-8 Academy - Select Soccer Option
  - The U-8 Academy - Recreational Support Option
  - The Juniors Academy Program - Six and Seven Year-olds