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Recruiting Resources

CU College Night
CU College Night - "Guide to How to Get Recruited" |download|
CU College Night Presentation |download|
CUP player profile |download|
Why play in college? |download|
Recruiting fact sheet |download|
Prep for individual meeting |download|
Fresh game plan |download|
CUP college communication plan |download|
CUP freshman document |download|
Cincinnati United college soccer tool |download|

Academics, Testing, & Financial Aid
US News & World Report - College Rankings |link to site|
The College Board Website |link to site|
FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) |link to site|
Links to Colleges and Universities
List of All Division I Institutions by State |link to site|
List of All Division II Institutions by State |link to site|
List of All Division III Institutions by State |link to site|
Index of American Universities |link to site|
NCAA College Soccer Rules and Regulations
NCAA Eligibility Center |link to site|
NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete 2014-15
NCAA Initial Eligibility Brochure |download|
NCAA Freshman - Eligibility Standards Quick Reference Sheet |download|
NCAA National Letter of Intent - FAQ's |link to site| - Recruiting Webpage |link to site|
NAIA Information Guide and Eligibility |link to site|
College Recruiting, Selection, and Eligibility Guides
College Soccer Recruiting Process - Bruce Brownlee Website |link to site|