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Recreational Outreach Program


Coaching Clinics


Consistent with our mission…

  • To provide a program that will offer free coaching education support that is unmatched in our region.  This support will be designed specifically to accommodate the needs of volunteer recreational coaches across all of the communities in northern Cincinnati.
  • To cultivate relationships with organizations that share a vision of partnership, which will prepare their coaches with all of the resources they need to coach recreational teams.

Cincinnati United will offer free coaching clinics open to all coaches within Cincinnati United and our Recreational Partners. These clinics are designed primarily for recreational coaches unless otherwise noted, although the information can be applied to all players, regardless of ability. Please check the Recreational Outreach News and Events page for a list of clinics for the upcoming season.

Suggested Curriculum


Cincinnati United has provide these articles as suggested curriculum for coaching youth and recreational players.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our staff.

Coaching and Training Resources


Articles and Documents

  • Best Practices |download|
  • Deconstructing the Youth Soccer World |download|
  • Learning vs Winning from US Soccer |download|
  • Reinjury from The FA |download|
  • Small Sided Games |download|
  • The Novice Coach |download|
  • Total Player Development |download|
  • Heat Stroke Information from US Soccer |download|

Licensing Information

  • Click to read the Ohio South Coaching Education Program Overview for ‘E’, ‘F’, ‘D’, and Youth Modules.
  • – Click on the ‘Coaching’ tab for up-to-date licensing (‘E’, ‘F’, ‘D’, and Youth Modules) information such as dates, locations, times, cost, etc.
  • – Click on the ‘Educating Coaches’ tab for up-to-date licensing information for the National, Advanced National, and Premier Diplomas.
  • – Click on the ‘Coaching Education’ tab and ‘National Coaching Schools’ for licensing information for the ‘C’, ‘B’, and ‘A’ licenses.
  • – Click on the ‘Coaches’ tab and ‘National Youth License’ for complete information.

Presentations and Studies

  • The Best Argument Against Small-Sided Games, Not! |download|
  • Cal South Player Performance Chart |download|
  • Cologne Study on Small-Sided Games |download|
  • Sport Psychology in Coaching |download|
  • Small-Sided Games by US Youth Soccer |download|