USSF Changes to Age Groups

Soccer Age Groups

Soccer age groups are defined by the US Youth Soccer Association based on mandates passed down from the United States Soccer Federation.
Previously, soccer age groups were based on the player's age at the start of the soccer year, August 1st.
A player who was at least 7, but not yet 8 prior to August 1st would traditionally be in an age group called U8, or Under 8. 

Starting with the Fall of 2016, USSF has mandated a switch to birth year age groups.  So in the same example, any player born in 2009 will be at the same age group starting this Fall, and for the time being at least, the U8 designation will still be used in association with a given birth year.

The soccer year begins on August 1st and ends the following July 31st.

Please look at the chart to the left to determine your child's 'soccer age', and as always, if you have questions, contact the registrar.