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Copper Hills Little League


What is Little League?
Little League Baseball and Softball (officially, Little League Baseball Inc) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, United States, that organizes local youth baseball and softball leagues throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

How many seasons does Copper Hills Little League offer?
We offer Spring and Fall.

How much does it cost to join?
Fee is $120 for each season.

How do I register?
All registrations are done online through our website  It is the easiest way to register and it allows you to upload all the documents required online.

How old does my player need to be in order to play with Copper Hills Little League?
Your player needs to be between 4-16 years of age.  Age is determined using Little League Age Calculator, please see link below

What division does Copper Hills Little League offer? Availability for each divisions is dependent on the number of enrollment for each division.  

Softball-Age as of 12/31/20XX (Spring Season: Current Year, Fall Season: Following Year)
Coach PitchAges 5-8 (If the player is 5, they need at least one season of Tee Ball)
MinorsAges 7-10 (If the player is 7, they need at least one season of Coach Pitch)
Majors: Ages 9-12 (If the player is 9, they need at least one season of Minors)
Juniors: Ages 12-14
Seniors: Ages 13-16

Baseball-Age of of 8/31/20XX (Spring Season:Current Year, Fall Season: Following Year)
Tee Ball: Ages 4-6
Coach Pitch: Ages 5-8 (If the player is currently 6, they need at least one season of Tee Ball)
MinorsAges 7-10 (If the player is currently 7, they need at least one season of Coach Pitch)
MajorsAges 9-12 ( If the player is currently 9, they need at least one season of Minors)
Intermediate 50/70Ages 12-13
JuniorsAges 12-14
SeniorsAges 13-16

What equipment does my player need?
Players need a Bat, Helmet, and Glove.  If you need assistance determining bat size, please click HERE.

Do I have to travel for games?
Teams are formed based on the enrollment.  If we are not able to form the minimum amount of teams for any given division, we would need to interleague with local little leagues.  Keep in mind this has been common for our Majors division and up (including Softball). 

How do I know if I live within Copper Hills Little League boundaries? 
Please visit the League Finder website.  League boundaries are based on the players home address or school address.  

Does my player get a uniform?
Players receive a Shirt and Hat. Parent would need to purchase Pants, Socks, Belt, and Cleats (color for pants, socks, belt will be determined by the coach once team jersey color gets assigned). 

Who Coaches my player?
Our league is ran 100% by parent/guardian volunteers.  None of the volunteers are compensated financially.  

Can I volunteer?
Yes! There are several positions available for parents/guardians to volunteer (Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Parent, Scorekeeper, Team Umpire).

Am I required to volunteer? 

No, but we highly encourage parents/guardians to volunteer.  

What do I need to do in order to volunteer?
Sign up to volunteer on our website.  All coaches, Board of Directors members, umpires, concession stand workers, Team Parents, scorekeepers, and other volunteers who have regular service to the league or repetitive access to children must complete the background check process. If a volunteer is spending time in the dugout or helping out at practices, that individual must submit a volunteer application and go through the background check process. It’s important to remember that volunteer appointments are for one year only and that every year, all individuals volunteering at the local level must go through the background check process again. This is part of the Little League Child Protection Program. 

Do I receive any training as a volunteer?
You can also visit the Coaches Corner for helpful information regarding your volunteer position.

Do the teams keep score? 
Tee Ball and Coach Pitch do not keep score.  Minors and above do keep score and coaches are provided with a scorebook.  

What days/times do the teams practice?
We are currently working on a schedule.

What days/times are the games?
We are currently working on a schedule.

 My player is new to baseball, do you offer trial sessions?
We do put up community events where it’s open to any player to attend.  Generally they are free, but registration is required.  If you create an account on our website, you will be notified of upcoming events.  We also post on our Facebook and Instagram pages of upcoming events or our website under Clinics.  

I would like to Sponsor a team, how do I get more information? 
Please visit Our Sponsors page for more information.