2023-2024 Board Members

President: Blake Sharin
Vice President: Jill Stewart
Secretary: Heather Ross
Treasurer: Corinn Fitzgerald (mentored by Elizabeth Garber)
Safety Officer: Stephanie Tice
Chief Umpire: Russel Bruce

Board Members:
Josh Andrews
Brad Bikus
Casey Boyett
Kirsten Combs
Elizabeth Garber
Rob Mullinax
Matt Prowant
Stephanie Tice
Kelly Worrell
    Division Player Agents:
    Majors: Stephanie Tice
    Minors: Kelly Worrell
    Machine Pitch: Matt Prowant
    Rookie Ball: Heather Ross
    Tee Ball: Brad Bikus

    Positions Held by Board Members
    Concession Managers: Casey Boyett and Kirsten Combs
    Equipment Manager: Rob Mullinax
    Information Officer:  Kirsten Combs
    Registration/Schedule Manager: Jill Stewart
    Sponsorship Coordinators: Josh Andrews
    Uniforms Coordinators: Kirsten Combs

    Background Check Manager: Casey Boyett
    Coaching Coordinators: Josh Andrews and Rob Mullinax
    Equipment Coordinator: Rob Mullinax
    Little League Waiver Coordinators: Heather Ross

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