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Aug, 2022

Call for New Board Members!

Call for New Board Members

Chaires-Capitola Little League will hold it's annual meeting in September at which time the Board of Directors and Executive Board and will be elected for the 2022-2023 Season. Our league is only as successful as it is through the hard work and countless hours of our volunteers, especially by our Board members. If you have always wanted to help, but didn't know how...this is the time!!!

Please consider volunteering to serve on CCLL Board for the upcoming year by submitting your name to the Board via email to: [email protected]

A league our size cannot run smoothly with only a few people handling all the duties! We could really use some new faces and ideas, especially those with younger kids in the league who will be continuing to enjoy CCLL for years to come. While some may consider it a thankless position, there is no greater joy or reward than being able to watch the 350+ kids play the game they love while hanging out and meeting new friends.

CCLL is a wonderful organization, has had great leadership throughout the years and has a long winning history but we need more people to bring their ideas and energy to the Board for the upcoming year! Please consider becoming a member of the Chaires-Capitola Little League Board for the 2022-2023 seasons. If you would like more information, please contact the league or a current board member.

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