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Football for ages 5 to 13

Experience the thrill of the game with the HAWKS! We will teach the fundamentals of the game that promote teamwork and camaraderie among our players while focusing on providing a positive culture for our youth.  

Information and Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the season begin? 
The TNYFL mandates the beginning of football practices.  We are usually allowed to start practices around Mid-July.  For the first 2 weeks of the season, we will practice everyday M-F from 6:30PM to 8:00PM.

How often do teams practice? 
Before our first Jamboree game, teams usually practice Monday-Friday (at least the first 2 weeks). After Jamboree, teams may only practice 3 days a week. Practice times are usually 6:30pm-8:00pm. Specific practice days and times are left up to each team and their coaching staffs.

Where are games played? 
Home games will be played at Green Hill High School on the HS football field.  Away games will be played at any of the other communities participating in the TNYFL schedule.  Information on those communities and their fields could be found at website.

How long is the season?  
We will start practice in Mid-July and once we start playing games beginning with the TNYFL jamboree, we will have a game every Saturday until the team is either eliminated from competition or the championship game is played on the weekend of Nov 6th 

Each team will play approximately 11 games. 2 pre-season Jamboree games, 8 regular season games and at least 1 playoff and/or bowl game. Teams advancing further into the playoffs could play an additional 2 games.

What is the TNYFL?

The Tennessee Youth Football League, is the governing body we participate in. As a proud member we share in the goal to bring high-quality, affordable and competitive youth football to our community. More information on the TNYFL can be found at

What are the age divisions and weight limits to carry the ball? 

·       Age divisions limit the maximum age a child can be to participate in that group.  EG – any child 8 or less may participate in an 8u division team.  A 9 year old can only participate in a 9u or higher division team.

·       Age is determined by the child’s age on July 31’st.

·       The TNYFL sets a maximum weight limit for each division.  Maximum weight to advance/carry the football. By rule, players over the above weight limit are considered a "Double Striper" or "Monster Man" and must play on the interior line.



* Weight

12U - D1

140 lbs.

12U - D2

120 lbs.

11U - D1

125 lbs.

10U - D1

115 lbs.

10U - D2

95 lbs.

9U - D1

105 lbs.

8U - D1

90 lbs.

8U - D2

75 lbs.

7U - D1


6U - D1


6U - D2

60 lbs.

What is the difference between D1 and D2 levels?  
While not always the case, D2 level players are less experienced or new to organized tackle football. D1 level players are the most experienced, generally bigger in size and more aggressive. D1 level teams are selected first. In most instances, there are enough players in one age group to field additional teams at the D2 level. Coaches evaluate all players for placement.

How are teams chosen? 
Team selections are governed by the rules of TNYFL and the Green Hill Hawks. After an evaluation period, all D1 level teams are selected first. All D2 level players are rostered to a team following a coach’s draft.

Can I request what team my child plays on?
No. The GHSA organization and their Coaches, either through selection or draft, have the final approval of all teams. All teams are selected and rostered with TNYFL and the GHSA under a strict set of guidelines. These rules and regulations are in place to ensure that each player is playing at a level appropriate to their ability. Your child will be selected for a team (D1 or D2). That decision is final. Parents who do not accept that decision have the option to leave the program.

Every effort is made to keep siblings together, assuming they are in the same age grouping, but cannot be guaranteed. Be sure to indicate if you have same age siblings at time of registration.

How much will my child play?
Every player will see some playing time during the game. Your child's actual number of game minutes are dependent upon his skill, desire and ability to engage in the physical aspect of football. Care is taken to protect young players from situations that they may not be comfortable. The amount of playing time is strictly up to each individual player and is directly related to the effort they put into the game.

We Would Love for You to be a Green Hill Hawk!
For more information on our football program, reach out one of our Board Members



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