Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Evaluations?

Evaluations are held to determine the level your child is best suited for. Players are evaluated in groups by age.

Does my child need to attend the Evaluations?

All players players NEED to attend. Coach Pitch and T­-Ball players do not need to get evaluated.


What kind of fundraisers will I be asked to participate in?

Every spring season, BRLL holds a raffle on Opening Day. Player families are asked to sell a minimum of $20 worth of tickets. Additionally, we hold other fundraisers that vary from year to year.

Why does the league need to fundraise?

The registration covers uniforms and insurance. The league has other costs like equipment, utilities, maintenance of the fields and capital costs like major improvements to our fields. We are always looking for more ways to improve our league and fields.


When and how often are practices? When are games played?

Practice days and times are at the discretion of the team manager. All teams typically practice 1 weeknight and practice on Saturday. Major teams may have a third practice slot. Once games start, the practice schedule usually gets reset to accommodate the games schedule on our primary fields. Teams will trade their Saturday practices for games, and coach pitch through majors will have weeknight games and practices throughout the season. T­-ball plays 1 game per week and a weekday practice.

Will there be games on Sundays?

Our 50/70 Intermediate team,  Juniors and Seniors may have games scheduled on Sunday. All other teams (Majors thru T-ball), generally do not have games scheduled on Sundays; however, your child's Coach may choose to schedule a makeup game on a Sunday.

Will my child play each game?

Yes! Our goal, as well as Little League International's goal, is for your child to have the BEST baseball experience possible. All players will be a part of the batting rotation and will play in the field. The mandatory play rules in Major divisions thru Senior are one at bat and six consecutive innings in the field.


Does the league offer any financial assistance?

We will work with any family, within means, in order for your child to play baseball or softball. T-Mobile has a grant program to help you with registration costs. Please contact league president Ryan Yamagata or player agent Cassi Russo. 


What forms of payment do you accept?

Registration payments can be made online with your credit card, or checks may be made out to Brunswick Railroaders Little League.

What is the refund policy & when can I receive my refund?

We can provide refunds, however they need to occur before we order uniforms. Please contact Cassi Russo BEFORE Evaluations if your child will no longer be playing with BRLL.


When are team pictures taken and when do they come in?

Pictures are taken on opening day and are typically ready for distribution within 3 to 4 weeks.

Does my child still need to show up for the pictures even if I don’t plan on buying anything?

Yes!! Team photos are taken to be included on Manager and Sponsor plaques. The entire team will be included in the photo. However, you are not required to purchase any photographs.


When does registration begin/end?

Spring registration begins in December and ends the first Saturday in March typically on evaluation day. Fall registration is in August.

What are the costs and what do the registration fees cover?

Spring registration is $195 for Juniors and Seniors, $140 for Majors and Minors,  $95 for Coach Pitch and $70 for T­-Ball.  Fall ball is $80 for Juniors/Seniors and $60 for Majors, Minors, and Machine Pitch. The registration covers uniforms and insurance and a portion of field fees. An extra $20 per athlete will be refunded if and when parents attend our PCA Workshop in March. More information coming. 


How long does the season last?

The regular spring season lasts from Mid­ March (practices) until early June.  The District All-Star and Tournament season usually runs from the 3rd week of June through July. If selected, and pending how well the All Star teams perform, your child’s All Star experience could go into mid to late August. The Fall season, which is a instructional District travel league, runs during the months of September and October.


Does the league value good sportsmanship?

Yes!! We here at Brunswick Railroaders Little League feel that good sportsmanship is important not only as a practice of etiquette and respect in sports, but also because it helps teach young athletes good behavior that carries over into other aspects of life.


Can I request a certain coach for my child or have them play on one of their friend’s team?

Yes for the lower levels through Minors. We will do our best to honor parent requests (however we cannot always accommodate every request) for coaches and player friendships.  If you have any concerns, please reach out to the league's player agent, Cassi Russo.

How will I know what team my child is on?

You will be notified by your team manager in early­ March and practices will should begin that week as well. Be prepared to have practice the Monday following the draft.


Does my child need to wear a uniform?

Yes. Uniforms are required to play in a game. No uniform – no play. Uniform consists of a jersey, baseball pants, hat, belt, socks and cleats.

Do I need to purchase the uniform?

The league will provide jersey, hat and socks as part of your registration fee. Parents are responsible for Gray baseball pants, team color belt and cleats.

Can my child wear his uniform from last year?

No, they will need to wear the uniform provided to them by the league. Our sponsors sometimes change from year to year.

My child lost his/her jersey, can I order a replacement?

It is possible, but you will responsible for paying for it. The cost is $100. Contact Equipment coordinator Nick Wilt to verify.

When do I receive the uniform?

Uniforms are usually ready the week of opening day. Most players/parents get really nervous and think that their child won’t have a uniform for Opening Day, but don’t worry, they will be ready :)


I’d like to volunteer to Coach . . . is there any guidance available?

Yes. Our League will be sending out an email to all parents in regards to interest in being a Manager or Coach in October and will continue to recruit in January and February of the New Year. Our League takes all the necessary security steps to make sure that we are putting the right people on the field with your children. We also have coaching clinics that all potential Managers and Coaches will NEED to attend. If interested, please contact our president, Ryan Yamagata.

I’d like to volunteer to be an Umpire… there any guidance available?

Yes. Brunswick Railroaders Little League is recruiting umpires for the Spring baseball season. We are looking for men & women, boys & girls (minimum age 16) who have a passion for baseball and are interested in officiating games. We also have a Junior umpire program for boys and girls 15 and under. BRLL will provide training locally and inform of opportunities to attend clinics elsewhere. Protective gear and equipment is supplied at both fields. If you have any interest in becoming an Umpire, please contact our chief umpire, Bill Machen.

Are there other ways I can help?

Yes. More than you think. Little League is an all­ volunteer league with many ways for baseball/softball or non-­baseball/softball people to help run the league. We are always looking for willing volunteers to help us grow the league. Please contact player agent Cassi Russo or president Ryan Yamagata to see where your skills could be used best.

Do I need prior experience to keep score or run the scoreboard?

No. Many of our volunteers find it somewhat relaxing running the scoreboard or announcing. We will be more than happy to teach those of you who are interested the press box duties.

What does a Team Mom do?

The team mom helps the manager stay organized with team events and make concession stand schedules and acts as an assistant to the team manager. The team mom gets more face time with the parents and can communicate team news and information in person.


What are families responsible for?

Home teams are required to assign 2 adults to work the concession stand. Families can expect to work at least one game, sometimes more. The team mom or manager will be responsible for assigning player parents for each game.

I am new to the league, will there be training?

Yes! Concessions coordinator Cassie Hayter will schedule multiple training sessions. If you are new to the league, or need a refresher course, please make it out.


How do I know if practice or games are canceled due to bad weather?

You will be notified by your team manager or team mom  through the Sports Connect app if weather cancels a game. You should assume we will play and show up at normal time ready to play. However, with late afternoon storms sometimes we may show ­up and realize the field has taken on too much water and playing would be unsafe. Our league is equipped with machinery that can get most MLB fields game ready, so expect most of our League’s Managers to do everything they can to get the game in that day/ night :)


How do I get in touch with a Board Member? Or find League Information?

You can always visit our League’s website. Board member contact information can be found under Board of Directors or contact page.

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