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Flag Football FAQs

Q. What is NFL Flag Football?

A. NFL Flag Football is the popular 5 vs 5 game of non-contact, recreational, co-ed league for children ages 5 to 14. We try to limit teams to 10 players to maximize playing time. This is an exceptional program for first time players who want to learn the fundamentals of football, and at the same time our league is also a wonderful opportunity for players who may want to continue to enhance their skills.

Q. How do I register?

A. Go to the Online Registration page and fill out all information that is required. If you have more than one player to register click on the add player link to register.

Q. How much does it cost to register?

A. $0 - $115 pending time of registration.

Q. What are the Divisions of play?

A. Divisions: Children will be placed in their respective age group according to their age/grade level. The league wants classmates to play together by age first/grade second. If you would like your child to 'Play Up' please email us after you have completed registration with your child's name, Booster Club, and age division you would like he/she to play in. Approval for playing up is a DCFFL and Booster Club decision.

    **We strongly recommend advanced (6) year olds play in our 8U Division**

MINI: 6U = every child plays half the game and receives (1) touch
JUNIOR: 8U = every child plays half the game and receives (1) touch
SENIOR: 10U = every child plays half the game
VARSITY: 12U = every child plays half the game
VARSITY: 14U = every child plays half the game
**Grade Divisions are subject to change or combine pending Enrollment**

Q. What Booster Clubs are members?

A. Arcadia, Davis-Townsend, Friendship, Hasty, Midway, Reeds, South Davidson, Southwood-Southmont, and Wallburg.

Q. What if my area Booster Club is not offering Flag Football?

A. You can sign up at a Booster Club within your High School district if your Booster Club within your Elementary School District is not offering Flag Football. Elementary school District is the standard graduation of elementary to middle to high school all within the same district. That is the standard rule, but we we try to accomundate players on where they want to play (NOT GUARANTEED).

Q. Does the League allow playing on Multiple Teams

A. Players may not play on multiple teams in the same age division. (i.e. if you play on a team in 5/6, you may not play on another team in 5/6)
Players may play on multiple teams if they are in different age divisions but "must pay the registration fee" for both teams. (i.e. if you play on a team in 5/6, you may play on a team in 7/8). Players cannot be added "fill in" to teams during the season. NOTE: Players must pay to play in two divisions.

Q. Playing up in Age Division

A. Players may play up in (ONE) age division. (i.e. if your child qualifies for 5/6, he/she may play in 5/6, 7/8 etc.)
- Players may not play down in age division. No exceptions.
- If a player is playing more than two age divisions up, (i.e. your child qualifies for 5/6 but wants to play 7/8) the player must receive approval from DCFFL and their respective Booster Club

Q. How are individuals placed on teams?

A. Players will register individually and will be placed on a team with other children who register as individuals. Teams will be formed in this order: first come, first serve basis, by age, Booster Club, and High School District.

Q. What is included in the registration cost?

A. 6-week flag football regular season, post season tournament, reversible NFL Jersey, flag belt, interactive website, organized league play, and a ton of FUN!

Q. What will my child need that isn't covered in the registration cost?

A. It is MANDATORY that every child:
- Wears a mouth piece every time they step onto the field
- Wears shorts or pants NO POCKETS (team shorts are available on the NFL Flag Store website, 15% discount code: DAV157)
- We recommend every child wear cleats (molded cleats only)

Q. What is your Wait List?

A. If you attempt to register after the deadline or for a Booster Club that is full, you will be placed on a Wait List. Meaning, if a spot comes available you will be contacted and moved from the Wait List to an active participant.
*Children whom have parents that wish to be a HEAD Coach will get moved to the top of the Wait List*

Q. What kind of playing time can my child expect?

A. Rules are in place to promote equal playing time for all children regardless of experience or skill-set. Each child will play at least half the game.

Q. Can I request a coach or friend to be on my child's team?

A. YES! When you register you will have the option to name a coach, friend, or sibling that you would like to have your child play for or with. Siblings in the same age division will always be placed on the same team when requested.

* Coaches may not submit rosters for this recreational program.
* Requests are considered, but NOT GUARANTEED
* Refunds WILL NOT be given due to unfulfilled buddy requests or coach requests.

Q. Do you accept team registrations?

A. Full teams cannot register together. However, coaches can have kids register as individuals and request them as their coach. We are able to satisfy these requests a majority of the time. However, these requests are NOT GUARANTEED, as we are not always able to accommodate them.
**The earlier you register, the easier it is for us to fulfill your request**

Q. What is the Tournament format (Applies to Spring and Fall)?

A. Spring season will have a end of year tournament, Our Fall season may have an end of season tournament. Every team will be scheduled and required to participate in the end of year tournament no matter what teams record is. Depending on the number of teams in each division we may separate teams for a Gold/Silver Tournament.

Q. How does tournament registration work for BBQ Festival Bowl (Oct) and Turkey Bowl (Nov)?

A. Registration will be on a team basis. More information to come.

Q. Does the league supply uniforms?

A. Yes. We supply NFL reversible jerseys and flag belts (players to keep)

Q. Jersey Size Chart?

A. Players will receive a reversible NFL game jersey, to keep. Make sure to view the chart and select the correct size when registering your child. Once registration ends the league will put divisions together and assign team names.

Based on this guide from NFL we have discovered that most kids fall in this groups:
5-6 Age Group - Most kids wear a Youth Small or Youth Medium
7-8 Age Group - Most kids wear a Youth Medium or Youth Large
9-10 Age Group - Most kids wear a Youth Large or Youth XL
11-12 Age Group - Most kids wear a Youth Large, Youth XL or Adult Medium (there is no Adult Small)

Q. How do I care for the kid's flag football uniform?

  • Machine wash cold with like colors on gentle cycle
  • Do not bleach, but use non-chlorinated detergent
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron or dry clean

Q. When will I hear from my coach?

Coaches typically contact their players about 1-2 weeks prior to the Season Opener. If you haven't been contacted 1-2 weeks before the Season Openeer, please contact your Booster Club rep.

Q. When are Games and Practices?

A. Our flag football games will be played on Sundays (Spring) Fall (Saturdays and/or Sundays). Practices are generally held on game days, 45-60 minutes before your scheduled game. If it is convenient for the parents, coaches can hold one 1hr practice throughout the week. Practice time(s) and location will be determined by the coach in conjunction with the parents. Attendance for weekday practice is optional. Every player will play half the game regardless of practice attendance.

Q. When will practices start?

A. Practices typically start 1-2 weeks prior to the Season Opener 

Q. What size ball?

5-6 Age Group - Wilson K2
7-8 Age Group - Wilson K2
9-10 Age Group -Wilson Junior
11-12 Age Group - Wilson Junior

Q. Where will games be played?

A. Games will be played at different locations throughout the county. If your Booster Club can hosts games we will try to schedule games at those sites if we are able to. There will be a $3 admission charge for regular season games and a $5 admission charge for tournament and Bowl games for all adults.

Coaches + Players enter free of charge.

Q. How many players are on a team?

Teams are typically comprised of 7-10 players per team.

Q. What days are the games played?

Days may vary pending enrollment numbers. Weekdays may be used for makeup games and playoff games.
Spring Season - Saturdays and/or Sundays (Sundays starting at 1pm)
Fall Season - Saturdays and/or Sundays (Sundays starting at 1pm)

Q. What is our Refund Policy?

A. Refunds will not be issued for ANY REASON other than if we can't make a division. In rare occasions we may issue a credit towards a future season, however, REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED. *Refunds will not be issued if your Teammate or Coach request is not fulfilled.*

Q. How do I find out if a game is canceled?

A. In the rare event that the weather causes us to postpone a game, we will post the cancellation on our website.

Q. Weather Condition Policies

A. Games will only be cancelled if the fields are deemed to be unplayable. Cancellations will be posted immediately on the website as well by text alert to all the coaches and parents. During the regular season, if there's a game cancellation, there will be no make-ups except for Playoffs. Playoffs are the only games that will be made up if there's a game cancellation

Any lightning/thunder will result in the current game immediately being called. If the 4th quarter has begun, then the game will be recorded as a final score.
Any game scheduled to begin within 30mins of lightning/thunder delay will be cancelled and result in a tie.

Delay of Game due to heavy rain
If a game is delayed 15mins or more due to heavy rain, and the game is in progress, then the game will be called and the game will result in a tie.
If a game is delayed due to heavy rain and the 4th quarter has begun, then the game will be called and recorded as a final score.

Q. Cancelled Games due to weather conditions

A. If a game cannot begin within 15mins after its scheduled time due to weather conditions, the game will be cancelled and result in a tie.

Q. Do we offer scholarships?

A. Yes. The League and each Booster Club will look at each requests on a case by case basics and determine if a reduced rate will be given. If you would like to apply please contact your booster.

If I have further Questions, who do I contact?

Email: [email protected]
Or go to our Contact Us page to email us directly from this website!

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